Assassin’s Creed II: Xbox 360 vs PS3

With the release of one of the most anticipated games of this year, many gamers are asking the time old question: Which system does Assassin’s Creed II run better on? Assassin’s Creed II is undoubtedly a game with very high graphic detail as well as lighting effects, even more so than the original title. One of the first things we must consider is the general disappointment that was felt about the original titles lack of quality on Playstation 3 compared to Xbox 360. Although the consoles are almost on par with each other this round, the Xbox 360 still comes out slightly on top, due to a more polished feel and superior lighting effects.


As you can see in these screenshots, the Playstation 3 suffers from blurring effects around certain objects due to the resolution scaling of the system.


This is disappointing to many PS3 users, who feel that this general lack in quality and polishing is due to a lack in care on Ubisoft’s part. One point is that Assassin’s Creed II was developed by Ubisoft to be used in a 720p resolution environment, and the PS3 often supports a higher resolution. Also, Ubisoft developed Assassin’s Creed II to be played at a standard 30FPS rate on both systems, which means although the PS3 can use uncapped frame rate hardware, it is kept on par with the Xbox 360.

The defining difference between both consoles is when it comes to frame tearing during high performance moment of the game, such a scenes with a large number of NPCs or enemies. This is unfortunately a significant problem, as Assassin’s Creed II has many gameplay moments in which there are large crowds of people, similar to the original title. Both systems have issues handling these heavy gameplay moments, but the Playstation 3 undoubtedly has a more difficult time with performance.

All in all, the graphics quality and gameplay performance are so similar on both systems that you will not have a worse experience playing on Playstation 3. The Xbox 360 is definately better for running this game, but it’s not a difference that will turn into mobs of angry PS3 users storming the gates of the Ubisoft Headquarters. Overall Assassin’s Creed II is a beautiful game on both systems, and a definite must buy for gamers using both consoles.

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