Uncharted 2: Basic Strategy

Uncharted 2: Basic Strategy

After a hectic adventure in search of Sir Francis Drake’s treasure, Nathan Drake is back again in unchartered 2, among thieves. There are two friends who accompany him in this hot pursuit, Flynn and a puzzling female called Chloe. After a vacation, Drake starts off to Istanbul, Turkey where a lot of adventures lie ahead of them to explore. The final objective is to find Marco Polo’s lost fleet which contains a lot of treasure but before that they will have to find two things, Shambhala and the Cintamani stone that will ultimately lead them to the treasure.

Mechanics of finding the treasure

There are many similarities between the predecessor of uncharted 2 and the new version, among thieves since both of them are a mixture of action-oriented game play and features that are based on adventure. For instance, Drake, in one moment, fights against his enemies and in the other, is busy solving puzzles. This is a striking similarity to their earlier version. Those who have already played Drake’s fortune will find it very easy to play ‘among thieves” as they are very familiar with the strategy.

As far as the mechanism is concerned, when you press the X button, it allows Drake to jump but it is usually used in combo with another command such as, running and pressing X will make Drake jump over a gap and so on. The triangle button helps Drake to grab things that are nearby, like a weapon treasure or ammunition. The circle button helps him to hide behind walls, crates or any other hide-outs.

Combat mechanism

Basically, unchartered 2 is a combat based game though sporadically, there are certain deviations. This is advantageous because otherwise, it would be monotonous. Drake is capable of carrying two weapons, one large and the other small, simultaneously and toggle between them. He can carry a pistol and an assault rifle RPG and swap weapons.

Apart from combat there are three things that Drake can possibly do like climbing, puzzle solving and plat forming. Drake’s five friends called NPCs assist him with the necessary backup as they are gifted with a firearm. They are not static. When Drake gets trapped by the enemy, the NPCs gradually and firmly free Drake until he is fit enough to rejoin. This is possible because NPCs have enormous amount of ammunition and lots of health. So, even if they are knocked down several times, they have the ability to emerge again.

Helpful tips

If you want to survive in the game for a longer time, you will have to take care of health, recovery and cover. But in fact, unchartered 2 do not have any health meter specifically but rather the damage is counted and the health of Drake is flashed on the screen in a different way.

When a blood splattered screen becomes worse, it means there is more damage and the screen becomes entirely black and white while close to death. When there is no hit for five to ten seconds, recovery is automatic. When there is less of health and recovery is needed, you will have to take up cover under a rock a box and the like.

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