Uncharted 2 – Among Thieves Game Play Overview

Every action game may have some subtleties that make it different from others, but most of the basic ingredients stay the same. However, the developers of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves were not fazed by this and came up with something that Bionic Commando tried to do, but fell short in. A dynamic and over-the-top movement system that involved swinging on ropes and doing various other acrobatic stunts with difficulty that the new Prince of Persia game chickened out of. Individually, the ingredients may seem standard fare. However, all of them combined makes this game one of the best to come out for the consoles this year.

Playing as a treasure hunter, you go through the unknown lands of wherever in search of fortune. Simple premise in most cases, but not quite touched upon by video games since Lara Croft became vintage. This formula is not far from the first game’s, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, but the improvements and visual overhaul definitely made this game more of a seller. The good part is that it is a co-op-oriented game, which means that it is best to play this with someone else. While the singleplayer definitely does not lack, the co-op mode is where this game really shines.

The combat is brilliant in almost every conceivable way. The word “almost” refers to a flaw regarding the cover system in that it does start to be unwieldy in tight spaces. However, that won’t happen as long as you can dispatch enemies quick with the dynamic controls that this game features. Combined with the visuals, which look stunning in every angle and brings the settings of tropical jungles, underground chambers, and other such stuff to life, the overall gameplay experience sucks you in without any technical issues whatsoever. Both gunplay and straight-up brawling have been made perfect by the combination of these elements. The protagonist Nathan Drake is not a superhero with enhanced healing factor, so he definitely relies on cover and maneuver to get through combat.

The exploration part of gameplay is what this game is mostly about. The challenge is not the enemies, but everything else that is in your way. You will encounter obstacles, puzzles, and other such challenges that keep you from going from point A to B in a snap. While it is easy enough to get the answer to the puzzles that you have to solve to complete your quests, it’s not exactly boring either. You will have to look through Drake’s journal, which is entertainment in itself as the amusing doodles and other stuff fill the gaps between clues and possible solutions on its pages that can help you solve the puzzles. The problem-solving in this game still needs a bit of brain power, which is good any time of the day in a video game, even when you don’t want to.

Other details in this game add to its quality, like the great voice acting and the well-formulated humor laced in. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is definitely a solid title to add to your checklist for late this year with its complete package of action and adventure.

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