Tekken 6 – Review and Game Play

After ages of waiting and crowding arcades for a little piece of the action every now and then, Tekken 6 has finally been released for consoles. As with most of Namco Bandai fighting games, the console versions are always the full-featured ones. That is where you stop spending money for tokens and start becoming a hermit in your own home, hunkered down in front of the television with your Xbox 360 or PS3 and playing Tekken 6 until your thumbs scream for mercy. Okay, that may not sound too positive, but that is how things are with a highly-anticipated sequel of a staple game franchise.

As with the arcade version of the game, Tekken 6 features new characters, expanding their roster of fighters even more to cover different fighting styles for different kinds of players. Whether you spam combos with Jin, Heihachi, or Kazuya, juggle opponents with kicks using Hwarang or Baek, or throw them around with King or Marduk, the numerous characters will keep you entertained even longer than the previous games.

The combat system remains the same, not that its a bad thing. Perhaps they fine tuned it for this version to improve it even more. Comparing the first few games with the more recent ones, of course you’ll see the difference in gameplay in terms of smoothness and mechanics. Tekken 6 has been tightened up even more, giving way to a pace that is even faster than that of the previous version. This is why it is never the same game, no matter the similarities. It is like why you would buy the newest version of the same franchise of a sports game. The rosters are updated and the gameplay is improved in some ways.

The customization is another thing to look for. They have put in even more items than before, which makes it even more enticing. Of course, most of these items have been featured in the arcade version, which bears no surprise to hardcore fans. While the degree of customization is not like that of the Soul Calibur games in that you can’t create a custom character in Tekken 6, it stands to good reason that this game is to focus on its roster of characters than custom ones. The items and other features are just there to enhance each character’s aesthetics, which is enough reason anyway to be happy about this aspect of the game.

Training mode itself is quite good with many different options to improve your game. But the new Scenario Campaign mode is the new highlight of the game. In-depth and exciting, this mode is somewhat like the Tekken Force mode in the previous modes, but with tons more of different gameplay mechanics. This mode takes around six hours to complete, which is reason enough to stick around a bit longer with this game.

There are a couple of qualms about it though. Well, nothing is ever perfect, even video games. The long load times is a source of frustration. It is the type of thing will have you do something else while it is loading to pass the time, then you realize that it has already loaded after around ten seconds have passed in round 1. Perhaps it gives the console versions of Tekken 6 some character, but it is still annoying. The online game play also does kick you a bit in the kisser with some lag issues. The Scenario Campaign mode could also have been better if there was co-op.

Overall, Tekken 6 is definitely an improvement over its predecessor. Tekken fans have no reason not to get it. Really, no reason at all.

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