Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition Review

With Modern Warfare 2 a huge success with the release last night and Prestige edition is … well sold out at most major retailers (and actually used on places like starting at $289.99).  At retail $169.99 the Prestige edition comes with the following:

  • Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360
  • Steel book with metallic finish
  • Artbook
  • Game manual
  • Token to download the original Call of Duty
  • Night Vision Goggles that is capable of seeing up to 50 feet
  • Collector’s stand to hold your goggles that is individually numbered

Lets start with the steel book with Metallic finish and Manual.. nothing special and nothing to mention here.  Next onto the Art book, all I have to say is that Activision has done a stellar job here, the book produces great artwork and is well worth the additional cost!  The Token to download the original Call Of Duty is also an added bonus.. but after you play Modern Warfare 2 playing the original would only be for nostalgic purposes.

Now onto the Night vision goggles, at the beginning before I laid my hands and eyes on this magnificent piece of engineering I thought to myself.. for $169 how good can these goggles be? (seriously I thought it was going to be a flashlight strapped to your head) Well I can confidently say now that all my speculations on how Activision was going to cheap out where wrong, although the frame is built in plastic and not metal the goggles work considerably well!  Not only that they look great! , my only issue so far is that the focus and fast movements adjustment could be better and more then likely if it wasn’t for novelty purposes the battery pack sitting on the back of your head may get annoying (ill find out when I go out tonight in the park.. hopefully cops don’t shoot me down for looking like such a dweeb).  Apparently the goggles actually use real infrared imaging rather than green tinted light that you see in most cheap toys.

If you dont have Modern Warfare 2 yet I highly recomment spending the additional money to get the Prestige edition.. if you can still find it!

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  1. Just one thing. Infinity Ward have nothing to do with the prestige edition. All they do is develop the game. Activision takes care of those.

  2. Hey, the night vision goggles were probably better than what the original ones were when they were released into the military decades ago… So yay! 🙁 wish my 360 worked and I had the money for this game at all… 🙁

  3. Quick followup to my post, the focus is kind of crappy and the distance is no where near the 50 feet it claims… but again for a collectors item its still cool! (plus when you turn on the long range mode you can see the red halo of lights.. if you want to be stealth its not good… but on the other hand if you want to scare the crap out of people then its great!)

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