Generations of War on PlayStation 3

ok lets be serious here, this is going to be a game for Otaku and 13 year old kids just trying to make it to the next cut scene to see half naked anime girls … but I just had to post it here so you guys can enjoy the screen shots and art work.

Ghostlight Ltd. confirms that Agarest: Generations of War on PlayStation 3 will be released to the gaming masses on 30th October.

This much talked about Japanese role playing game caused quite a stir when released in Japan as Agarest: Senki. Those hot blooded gamers loved the “Soul Breed” system within the game where the player is courted by three attractive females all vying to become your partner. Their affections are displayed via some saucy cut scenes and provocative images.

The serious side to this feature is that your decision determines the characteristics and style of your next in-game character – a unique feature that add real diversity to the game. This process continues through five generations creating multiple character groups and different endings.

The storyline is typically creative given the combined production talents of Idea Factory, Red Entertainment and Compile Heart who all worked on the title.

The game starts with the tale of the creation of Agarest. An idyllic world ruled over by twelve Gods. However the paradise was shattered by these envious Gods resulting in huge fantastical armies battling for supremacy. In a final showdown the Gods were themselves imprisoned within the foundations of the world and peace returned.

For thousands of years nothing has been heard nor seen from these Gods but their influence is growing again and their darkness is covering the continents of the world. Our hero, Leonhardt, sets out to seal the Gods once more and in doing so commits his own soul and that of his successors to preserving the world of Agarest.

Along the journey the player will meet an incredible array of characters including over 100 different foes to do battle with. Thankfully you can build and develop your own team of loyal followers and combine objects and resources to build new, upgraded weapons and powers.

With such an expansive storyline and over 60 hours of gameplay you’ll need the very best combat system at your disposal and the developers have produced a flexible system that encourages the use of multiple collaborative attacks where your parties strengths can be deployed to maximum effect.

Ghostlight have announced that alongside the standard retail version a Collector’s Edition will be available. Only available in Europe, the Collector’s Edition will feature unique value added extras including a 48 page hard back art book featuring the girls of the game, postcards, a poster and a newly created cover design. There will be just one batch of the Collector’s Edition released in Europe so pre-ordering will be required.

Sam Collins, Head of Sales at Ghostlight stated “Ghostlight is delighted to be able to announce the release of Agarest: Generations of War for Europe. Our previous Japanese releases have included Shadow Hearts: from the New World and several games from the Shin Megami Tensei series and the response from the gamers of Europe has been overwhelming. We will continue to release such innovative and high quality titles in Europe for the foreseeable future.”

Agarest: Generations of War will be released on PlayStation 3 on 30th October and will be available via all good video game stores, on-line retailers and also via the Ghostlight website

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  1. I’ve always hated hentai games. They make you work your ass of to see a certain lady do this and that, when you can just watch a video. Sure, they give you a feeling that you’ve deserved it but i’d rather watch a video. Anyway – crappy JRPG’s.. Again!

  2. haha.. this is far from Hentai. there is actually a game aspect behind the sexy cut scenes that involves fighting and killing things (kind of like FF3 style), but yeah your right.. your basically playing your ass off to see sexy girls in action.

  3. I quote myself “Anyway – crappy JRPG’s.. Again!”
    I never said this was hentai. It’s still a game. Unfortunately, as well all know, when a game offers you hot scenes with hot girls in tight armor, it usually compensates for something.

  4. At least it’s not another visual novel.

    I’m going to acquire blackmail photos of you until you read through all of Fate/Stay Night, which has enough text in it to make your eyes bleed out of your sockets. You go through that and come back and tell me that visual novels suck.

    I lack a PS3, but 60 hours? Yeesh, that’s quite a lot for an RPG/Dating Sim mix, but then again, I loved Persona 4, which uses that same combo and uses it well.

    It’s more ecchi than hentai, Lunar was probably worse in terms of nudity. XD

  5. I knew that would make you mad! I just knew it! xD Tell me, when did i say visual novels suck? I love Fate/Stay Night(anime and manga) and i’ve read/watched/played a bit of the visual novel. I seriously need more time to watch and read so much stuff, i’m planning(that includes the visual novel). Look, what the MMORPG’s do to you!
    PS: Evil Sakura beats Chuck Norris.

  6. Haha, I fell straight into your trap then. I’ve only read some of the manga and seen part of the anime currently. Archer vs Berserker is simply an epic fight.

    Funnily enough, I’ve just been watching anime since I got DSL a wee bit ago, not gotten around to any MMOs. I need to get my own computer, I share this one, and the owner is a total paranoid.

    PS: Berserker is fricken Heracles, you can’t get much more famous than that.

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