Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots and Wallpaper Collection

Here is a collection of press released Screen shots and Wall papers from Square Enix.  Who cant wait for Final Fantasy XIII? just looking at these spectacular screen shots and wallpapers makes my skin tingle.  The Final Fantasy Saga has always been cutting edge when it came to game play and graphics and the new Final Fantasy looks like it will be no acception .   Final Fantasy XIII is set to be released on March 09 2010.  (The Fang Wallpaper is awesome!)

Screen Shots

finalfantasy_xiii_XIII04_psd_jpgcopy finalfantasy_xiii_XIII03_psd_jpgcopy finalfantasy_xiii_XIII02 finalfantasy_xiii_XIII01_psd_jpgcopy finalfantasy_xiii_snow_icie_jpg_jpgcopy finalfantasy_xiii_OPN_taiken_master.2631 finalfantasy_xiii_lightning_snow_vanille finalfantasy_xiii_lightning_odin finalfantasy_xiii_b-A_cmyk_copy

Wall Papers

All resolution of wallpapers can be found at the Square Enix Website here (yes the website is in english.. well some of it anyhow) and the English site

finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_vn_1280_720 finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_vanille1440w finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_snow1440w finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_sn_1280_720 finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_serah1440w finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_sazh1440w finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_lightning1440w finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_li_1280_720 finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_hope1440w finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_fang1440w finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_B_1280x720 finalfantasy_xiii_wallpaper_A_1280x720

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