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Brutal legend is basically built on an utopia made of heavy metal and is a land of studded leather, bizarre hair styles, magic and what not. Eddie Riggs is in the spot light in brutal legend and the onus of running the show falls on his shoulders. The peculiar abilities possessed by him make him take on the enemies and fight the evil forces. But of course there are others to lend a helping hand to him like Lemmy, Rob Hal ford, the prince of darkness and ozzy Osborne, not to forget the IGN guides.

In brutal legend, the axe is used as the close range weapon and the guitar is the long range weapon. The way guitar is used as a weapon is stunning. Hold down the guitar button and a pyro fireball hits the enemy and causes enough damage. But, be cautious, it can as well get overheated if you play too much of it. At that stage, you can use the axe instead and allow the guitar to cool down.

These two weapons are to be used alternately and when you happen to come across a cluster of small enemies, you can go in for the earth shaker attack which is, pressing the two weapon attacks together. Another combo is hit the axe, guitar and then the axe in a rapid fashion so that the rival is sent up in the air. Your ally or a group of them can do a double team attack too.

Assistance of map

The map helps you a lot to find what exactly your objectives are and guides you through the best path available. There are many more maps ahead but you will have to do a little bit of research to find them. Another way to find your objective is the turn signals on deuce that literally guide you to show the right direction by flashing lights. At the end, there is the pillar of light that signifies your final destination. You will be pleasantly surprised to see many more modes of transportation as you progress through the game.


The damage on you comes in the form of red wherein the screen turns red and this is the time you have to heal yourself. There are many health for you to choose but don’t take too many of them as it would lead you back to square one. The best way is to block the enemies and dodge them.

The solos

The offensive attacks, gathering reinforcements and summoning the ride are all taken care of by the solo which are12 in number, altogether. These are found in tab slabs which can be found when you complete the main and secondary quest objectives. To perform a solo, you will have to hit the correct button on the solo pop up and you are allowed to miss a note but beware as you can be stripped of your defense.

Buried metal

When you play the Relic raiser solo you will find there are 24 pieces of buried metal which are covered by strange, red colored flowers growing around them. You will be rewarded with a new song for every buried metal found by you.

Motor forge

There are motor forge below the earth totaling 11 in all and here is the guardian of metal who would give you upgrades for weapons, power cars and many more, if you give fire tributes. Incidentally, fire tributes are the currency which is earned for primary and secondary missions, land mark viewers, uncovered legends and bound serpents.

Bound serpents

There are 120 bound serpents throughout the landscape and since they are bound in leather, you will need to use your pyro attack (told you in the beginning) to release from their captivity. Here, you will gain fire tribute for this and every ten fire tributes will earn you a silver of Armageddon’s undying power to enhance your health, your speed and damage managing abilities.

Legend artifacts

These are tough and are bound in chains and an earth shaker will be required to attack and free them. Your reward is a short film on the history of this strange world.

Lightning plug games

There is a swarm of insect like things to be hit and you will gain fire tributes at the motor forge and there are 24 lightning plug jumps in brutal legend.

Landmark viewers

Landmark viewers give you a clear view of the areas and there are 32 of them

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