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Fans of the sports genre of gaming know that history has proven true to the adage if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Making minor tweaks to game play mechanics and maybe tossing in a new game mode has been the norm for established franchises as they roll out new titles from year to year.  It would be no surprise to see the same approach from EA Sports with the sequel to their innovative standout title of last year – NHL 09 – which shed light on the shadowed sport of the video game universe, but the sharper-than-ever NHL 2010 puts you in the middle of the most realistic hockey action you can experience without leaving your couch.  Fans have literally received just what they asked for with over two-hundred game play improvements.

The new Board Play feature refines how the game is played along the boards.  Hold the puck against the boards while your teammates relieve you from some of the defensive team’s pressure, or smash an opposing puck carrier into the glass and follow it up with a steal.  Impressive natural movements help define individual playing styles.  Skaters may swat at an airborne puck with their stick, or cradle it with their glove and drop it to the ice.  Goalies are capable of amazing highlight-reel saves when the situation needs it.  EA has even refined the experience beyond the ice by improving crowd actions and response.  NHL 2010 has greatly thinned the line between the experience of playing an NHL video game and the experience of watching an NHL game on television.

Closer than ever before, players are given a feel for the toughness of the sport in NHL 2010.  Get in your opponent’s head by taunting them during stoppages in play, but take it too far and the gloves will be dropped.  The new first-person perspective while fighting in NHL 2010 enables players to use the dual-analog sticks to dodge, punch and grab their opponent.  However, if fighting isn’t your style then you may want to scoring goals.  More than ever before, the outcome of a fight in NHL 2010 will affect the momentum and performance of the teams on the ice.  A win may provide a short boost of energy and an increase in momentum for your team, but a loss can leave your teammates demoralized and vulnerable to mistakes.  If you still need an outlet for your anger then become a real Tough Guy, the new player type in the Superstar game mode.  For those unfamiliar with the available player types in Superstar mode, the Tough Guy is basically a hyper-aggressive evolution of the Grinder player type.  With less emphasis on scoring and puck control, your job as a Tough Guy is to intimidate your opponent with big hits and fights.

You can view a demonstration of the features mentioned in this article by watching the video below, presented by NHL 2010 Producer David Littman. NHL 2010 will be available in stores September 15.


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