New COD4 Patch Angers Many

“It isn’t just the hackers who are complaining…”

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is probably one of the most popular games to have ever entered the industry. The game, although almost two years old, is still played by many gamers on Xbox Live and PSN. Recently, the game encountered a major exploit leading to a famous hack known as “The UFO hack”. Infinity Ward quickly jumped on this one and a patch was released around a week after the exploit was discovered.

Now, Infinity Ward have once again released a new update on their game, this time preventing people from using hacks and modded controllers to fire their weapons at an incredibly fast speed. Good news for gamers, bad news for hackers. But why are people angry, you may ask? Here’s why.

We're onto you.
We're onto you.

It’s the way they’ve fixed this issue that’s angered gamers. All weapons now have a 0.5 second timer on them, thus all players will now shoot at the same speed, but wait, what about the players who are quick with the triggers? They too are now suffering from the update. People with the skill to click their triggers faster than 0.5 seconds will now be shooting like a “newbie”.

I myself was quick when it came to clicking on my trigger, but now the game feels too limited for me. This patch has led quite a few gamers to believe that Infinity Ward have done this intentionally to stop gamers from playing Modern Warfare so that players addicted to Modern Warfare will be more “pumped up” for the release of Modern Warfare 2, who knows.

Poor thing.
Poor thing.

There have been multiple petitions to get this patch removed, just hit it up on Google and you’re bound to find a few.

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  1. 🙂 we all know how online petitions change the minds of vendors! probably the only 1337 players have already signed it as per the 390 number currently signed on, everyone else is laughing since they are all on even playing field now.

  2. There are alot of people who are upset about this new patch, but only, (like what Gamer Syndrome said), the “cool” players decide to sign these petitions.

    Petitions never work…

  3. You know, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition’s creation was influenced by a petition.

    Still, .5? That’s way too low for my liking, why not make it .3 or something more reasonable? Or better yet, if someones rate of fire follows an exact pattern, flag them as a suspected cheater.

  4. Devil May Cry 3 SE was a port to PC from Ubisoft, because of the high interest. They just wanted to make a few extra money from a simple port.

  5. Other than mods, I don’t see any point in DMC3 being on the PC, but… put that on the Wii, you know that would be damn sexy if they pulled it off right.

  6. Yeah, except for the millions of copies that were sold and the millions of fans the game got. Also, that’s the main reason why DMC4 was released for the PC as well. It also made tons of cash.

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