Netflix to come to PS3

A rumor that many PS3 have been relishing quietly is the idea of Netflix streaming coming to the console. Today it was announced that sometime in November, that rumor will become reality.

Netflix streaming has been available on Xbox for over a year now, and the library of available movies grows each week, offering users thousands of movie and television options at the push of a button. Recently, as Netflix stock began to sag and the exclusivity period with Microsoft came to a close, rumors began to circulate about another gaming console receiving the service. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has expressed his companies desire to appear on all consoles, internet TVs and Blu-Ray players.

The deal will allow PS3 users the same access and library currently available to 360 owners. The new feature will enabled by a free, streaming Blu-Ray disc that will be sent to members. How members will request the Blu-Ray has not been confirmed.

Netflix will require the $8.99 (US) subscription fee at minimum to be available for streaming.

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  1. Little of column A, little of column B.

    It sounds like the Blu-Ray disc is being used to allow streaming since the Microsoft deal forbids Netflix from being placed on the dashboard or menu of any other gaming platform.

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