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The Nazi Zombie cooperative game mode for Call of Duty: World at War was hugely popular to begin with, and the addition of new zombie maps in each of the two DLC mappacks released have made even more fans of the strangely addictive game mode.

This article is a guide intended to teach players how to survive as long as possible in the “Shi No Numa” map, the most recent zombie map that was released a week ago. Shi No Numa is the hardest of the three zombie maps to survive in, but it does have some advantages that skilled players can exploit. Many of the general strategies also apply to the other two zombie maps as well.

Aiming for the head is a good idea. Aiming a foot to the right of the head, like this player is doing, isn't.
Aiming for the head is a good idea. Aiming a foot to the right of the head, like this player is doing, isn't.

Newcomers to the Nazi Zombie mode should definitely keep a few things in mind: this is definitely not Left 4 Dead, though it may look similar. In early waves, you may wonder how the zombies could ever be a threat, seeing as they move so slowly and are in relatively small numbers. However, the zombies are much, much deadlier than they are in most other games, and will kill you in 2 hits without the juggernaut perk. Those 2 hits can happen in less than a second from a single zombie, so if one sneaks up behind you, you are probably going to be downed before you can react. It isn’t in like some other games where you can melee your way out of huge crowds or gun them down quickly: zombies will only go down quickly from headshots. The pistol quickly becomes useless, as it will take more than an entire clip of headshots to kill one zombie.

What makes things more difficult is that zombies cannot be pushed out of the way. Because of this, when there are a few zombies in the small buildings, you won’t have much room to run and will probably be trapped between a few of them. In later levels, making sure that you have room to run away from zombies if necessary is very important. Even with powerful weapons and a coordinated team, players are often downed when they become overwhelmed simply because they have no escape route to take. If even one zombie is blocking every exit while you are reloading, you might lose the entire game.

Spraying and praying doesn't work well. Go for zero-deflection headshots instead.
Spraying and praying doesn't work well. Go for zero-deflection headshots instead.

Zombies also become tougher and move much, much faster as the game progresses. At higher levels, early guns available to you will become ineffective, such as the bolt action rifles and service rifles like the Garand. These guns are basically useless later on because it will take an entire clip of headshots to kill a zombie at say round 20. Headshots are also much harder to get when you are dealing with zombies sprinting at you from multiple directions.

As a result of this, getting powerful weapons quickly is probably the most important part of the game, after working well with your team. The random box has special weapons like the heavy machine guns, ray gun, and Wunder Waffen, that you can’t buy normally. These special weapons are extremely powerful, so most players will try to use the random box as much as they can afford. However, the random box often gives you useless weapons like the Garand or bolt action rifles, so you have to be careful not to spend all of your points on it and be stuck without a good weapon at all.

Every once in a while, the random box will get a teddy bear, which means that the random box is moving to another location in the map. You can tell where the random box has moved by looking for the light flowing straight up from one of the buildings on the map. Most teams will follow the special box, as it gives you the best chances of getting special weapons and lasting longest against the zombies.

The Wunder Waffen DG-2 will make short work of groups of zombies.
The Wunder Waffen DG-2 will make short work of groups of zombies.

The best guns you can buy from wall emplacements will be the trench shotgun, the MP40, and the BAR. The trench shotgun kills zombies in one hit in early levels, and will also damage several zombies per shot if aimed properly. The MP40 and BAR are great for headshotting multiple zombies, and are especially effective if you can get the zombies to run straight at you for easy no-deflection headshots. Hordes of fast moving, tough zombies that might have seemed insurmountable are easy to deal with if your team is equipped with effective headshot weapons, funnels the enemies toward them in the proper way, and aims carefully. Grenades are also useful against large mobs, if you time them correctly.

Grenades will knock out the legs of the zombies and slow them down, making them crawl at you rather than running. However, crawling zombies are often an overlooked threat, because its easy to miss them amongst all of the zombie corpses while you are concentrating on the easier to see standing zombies. It’s important to keep an eye on the ground for any crawling zombies when using grenades.

Trying to knife hellhounds is not a good idea.
Trying to knife hellhounds is not a good idea.

The most important thing to keep in mind for Shi No Numa are the new hellhounds. Hellhounds are extremely lethal enemies that move very quickly and will decimate an unprepared squad. They appear only after level 4 and above, and there is a warning that will let players know that the hellhounds are coming instead of the normal undead enemies.

When a new level begins, if a guitar riff and the sound of thunder are heard, the hellhounds are coming. The swamp will quickly become fogged in, reducing visibility a lot and isolating you from any teammates who are far away. As soon as you learn that the hounds are on the way, your squad should regroup so that they don’t lose each other in the fog. Isolated players are almost certainly going to die in hellhound waves, especially if they aren’t armed properly and are stranded in the middle of the swamp.

In Nazi Zombies, lone wolves are eaten by demonic wolves. Stick with your squad.
In Nazi Zombies, lone wolves are eaten by demonic wolves. Stick with your squad.

In later levels, from level 15 onward, having powerful guns and enough ammunition for them is the main concern. Ammunition conservation is essential in Nazi Zombies: the only way to get more ammo for guns is to either buy it off the wall or to get a “Max Ammo” powerup. Powerups appear randomly, and so you can easily run out of ammo for a gun when max ammo simply doesn’t appear. Max Ammo will always appear after the end of a hellhound wave, so you can use any weapon you want on the hellhounds because it will be replenished at the end of the round. During normal zombie rounds, however, there isn’t any assurance that you will be getting more ammo at all. Buying ammo off the guns on the wall is more reliable, but it’s expensive: it takes about 1000 points to buy ammo for decent later level guns like the MP40, and you can only buy it if the gun happens to be where you are defending.

You can’t be wasteful with ammo in Nazi Zombies and expect to survive long. If you have a powerful machine gun like the MG42, or a special weapon like the Wunderwaffen, you should conserve your ammo and use them only when you are at risk of being overrun. Machine guns burn through ammo quickly, and the heavy machine gun ammo cannot be bought off the walls. The Wunderwaffen is not very useful in early levels, as small numbers of zombies will waste its ammunition. You only get 18 Wunder Waffen shots. Killing one or two zombies with them is a waste; in later levels, a single shot can kill dozens of zombies, as the lightning arcs from one to connect all of them. Similarly, the ray gun isn’t very useful early on because other guns will kill them almost as fast, but later on the high rate of fire and instant zombie kill are lifesavers.

Juggernog is a lifesaver.
Juggernog is a lifesaver.

Perks are also very important to Nazi zombies, especially the Juggernog perk, which makes the player much harder for the zombies to down. Without the juggernog perk two hits will kill you, with the perk it takes five or so. This makes a huge difference and will usually let you get away from small numbers of zombies that would have otherwise killed you. The other most useful perk is Speed Cola, which allows you to move and reload much faster. Speed Cola is useful in any situation, it allows you to keep the zombies further away and evade them much easier, and it also makes slow reloading guns like machine guns and shotguns much more useful.

The other two perks are Double Tap and Quick Revive. Double Tap makes your guns have a higher rate of fire: this may sound useful, but its can actually be a bad thing, as you’ll burn through ammo faster. It will also make your machine guns recoil more, which will mean more misses and less headshots. Double Tap usually isn’t worth purchasing. Quick Revive is pretty self-explanatory: it allows you to revive other players much faster than you normally can. While this can be useful in some situations, most of the time its pointless. If the zombies or hellhounds are swarming over your team so quickly that you wouldn’t have time to revive them normally, chances are they’ll be killing you in short order as well. It’s a better strategy to secure the area by killing all the enemies nearby before trying to revive teammates, whether you have Quick Revive or not.

This gameplay video of Shi No Numa should give you an idea of what to expect.

[gametrailers 51549]

However, you’ll have to have better aim, and better tactics, than the players in the above video if you want to get past level 8 in Shi No Numa.

These tips should help you a lot in Nazi Zombies, but you can only learn so much from guides and articles. To get past a certain point, the only way to get better is to play the game mode and learn which weapons, and which strategies, work best for you and your team.

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  1. This mode is a lot more fun than deathmatch. You really do feel the tension if you turn out the lights, put on the headphones, and jack up the volume.

    Thanks for those tips, I’m the soloist type and I get ripped apart by those damn dogs.

  2. One of the things that really helps with hellhound waves is finding a room with only one entrance. There are quite a few of them around actually.

  3. Yeah, that seems like a good idea until you realize you need to leave the room. Last time I played this, I boarded up a window, turned around, hellhound.

    My first time was a little better. I was holding my own well against a swarm of zombies, I took them all out, I turned around, lo’ and behold I missed one of the bastards but he didn’t miss me.

  4. Yeah, it’s important to keep an eye out for the signs that the next wave is hellhounds. Hellhounds and zombies never come at the same time, so you don’t need to worry about boarding up windows during a hellhound round.

    Playing by yourself, its unlikely you’d survive higher waves of hellhuonds or zombies for that matter, unless you were really lucky with guns.

  5. I’ve been playing FPS games quite a lot. Back when I had DSL, I dominated XIII by abusing the fact that there was no hand-shaking in multiplayer. I just had to run towards someone, wait for the right distance, and headshot them.

    Hellhounds and zombies together, that would be lethal.

  6. I HAVE to try this game. I love zombie games and have no idea how I missed this one. Thanks for the great info and tips on this game, I have been waiting for Dead Island and have to confess Nazi Zombies looks like the better choice

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