Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Patch Now Live

Recently I informed you all that Robert Bowling, community manager for Infinity Ward, had announced on his Twitter account that there are to be “lots of updates on the way” to fix the many issues Modern Warfare 2 are suffering from on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Well the patch is now live on the PS3.

The patch will hopefully fix the three more major issues that the game is suffering from, they are said to be:

– The balancing of the Akimbo 1887s

– Fixing the Prestige Hack

– Putting an end to the “Public Private Match Hack”

Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 and PC version will have to wait, but Robert Bowling has informed fans that the Xbox 360 will be getting the same patch:

“PS3 patch just went live! Includes the Akimbo 1887s re-balancing, fix for Prestige hack, & fix for Public “private” Match. 360/PC soon.”

“The Xbox 360 version will be getting the same, just waiting on ETA on it’s release. PC gets same plus fix for hacked textures & altered IWDs.”

So hang in there Xbox 360 and PC gamers.

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