Modern Warfare 2 “Prestige” Edition Unveiled

Gamers have become accustomed to elaborate Collector’s Versions of games with concept art from the game, behind the scenes developer videos, and even ridiculous paraphernalia like the infamous “Cat Helmet” that was included with the legendary edition of Halo 3.

But even the most jaded gamer is likely to be surprised by what you’ll find in Modern Warfare 2’s most expensive “Prestige” Edition: a working set of night vision goggles. Yes, now you can go paintballing with your friends at midnight in some forest, assuming that they all shelled out 150 USD for the Prestige Edition as well.

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Of course, the first question in your mind will be “but where will I put my night vision goggles when I’m not using them?” Don’t worry, because Activision Blizzard is one step ahead of you! They’re also including a cast of Modern Warfare character Soap MacTavish, on which you can strap your night vision goggles when you’re not using them. During the day, when night vision goggles will probably not be useful for much other than scaring people, you won’t be reduced to the pitiable state of just leaving them on your desk.

Personally, this makes me wonder what Activision Blizzard will include in the most expensive version of Modern Warfare 3 to top this. A replica paintball gun? A real gun? Judging by how insanely anticipated Modern Warfare 2 is, I would guess that retailers everywhere will sell out of the “Prestige Edition” in the blink of an eye.

What do you think of the “Prestige Edition?” It it just more unnecessary junk, or something that’s actually useful in a collector’s edition? Do you collect the trinkets that developers include with these versions? Do you have a Halo 3 cat helmet collecting dust somewhere in your home? Let us know what you think about Modern Warfare 2’s editions in the comments section.

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  1. Are you kidding? a pair of working night vision goggles and a game for 150$? that’s F’ing awesome!! if you ask me its probably the coolest collectors edition give away I have ever seen.

  2. That’s a great deal as long as the goggles turn out towork pretty well and not be extremely cheap. This might actually make a collector’s edition worth buying.

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