Lost Planet 2 Co-op Demo

Lost Planet 2 Co-op Demo

Get ready for some intense, sci-fi, multiplayer action as Capcom releases their Lost Planet 2 demo on Xbox Live August 19th.

The first in the series, Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions, received mostly good reviews for it’s larger than life boss fights, a well told story and its vehicles and weapons. Even so, Capcom decided to revamp the series with a sequel set on the same planet taking place ten year after the first game. Several new changes have been made in order to provide a fresh, new experience with a similar feel.

Anyone who survived the arctic wasteland in the previous game is in for a massive shift in climate as the blizzards and mountains of snow are replaced with tropical jungles and exotic locales. The sequel also abandons the story and characters from the first as it focuses on the corporation known as NEVEC (Neo-Venus Construction) battling the Akrid in order to attain T-ENG (Thermal Energy). Players will be able to create their own customizeable soldier in order to partake in the combat.


The most noted addition to the series is its online multiplayer co-op mode that will allow up to four players to work together to exterminate these creatures. With the release of the demo, Xbox 360 owners will be the first to try out this new feature. In it, players will be taking on an Akrid known as the G-Type Salamander, which can apparently be defeated in various ways.

However, this August 19th release date is for Xbox Live Gold members only while Silver members will be allowed to download the demo on August 26th. Capcom has not yet made any statement about whether or not there will be a demo released for the Playstation Network.

Lost Planet 2 is expected to be released this winter on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. For more information check out Capcom’s official site here.

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