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To keep your consoles warm during the winter you need to make sure they are well suited, a jacket may be a little much but you can at least get a little skin for them to sleep in. Anyways I was gonna do a top skin list but than I realized there where more skins out their than PC Mods.

1.Skinit (link: is a very good place to start if you want to buy skins over the internet that are much better then a wiimote condom by far. Skinit’s skins are top notch; their site offers a variety of skins from home cooking looks to military. The main point is if you want choice you should check out this site.

2.DecalGirl (link: has less variety in console skins than Skinit. However this site has more of a artistic flare.

3.Walmart (link is another place to get skins for your console. Anyways skins here depend on where you are and what time of year it is but they are always cheap and the quality is always pretty good. I bought my PS3 UFC skin at Walmart and it was a good buy. Walmart is also a good alternative for people who dislike purchasing things online.

4.Some Eb games and Gamestop (link: stores also carry a bit better quality skins than Walmart. However this also depends on your demographic.

5.Ebay (link: is probably the last place to go for skins. Skins here can vary in quality from good to great and there is no guarantee you will get your skin.

Merry Christmas! Buy yourselves some new skins for your consoles.

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