Killzone 2 multiplayer Strategy: Tactician

Combining more intensity than anyone could hope for in an FPS with three releases of DLC in less than six months of being on the market has resulted in a unique multiplayer experience provided by Killzone 2, which has been unmatched by any other Playstation 3 title and thus it still remains a popular choice among fans of the genre.

Up to seven badges, or classes, can be unlocked.  Each badge contains a primary ability that when mastered and used correctly, can swing the momentum of a battle.  Ribbons and medals can be earned to unlock secondary abilities for each badge, and players can even customize their badges by pairing them with different secondary abilities.  Still today many players are unfamiliar with how to use most load outs in a way that will be most beneficial to their team.  Every few days I will dissect each badge by discussing strategies, as well as the badge’s advantages and disadvantages.

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Rank unlocked:
Major (1450 experience points needed)
Primary ability: Spawn Grenades
Secondary ability: Air Support
Medal to unlock ability: Spawn Authority
Medal to combine ability: Aerial Supportive
Weapons: M82 Assault Rifle, STA52 Assault Rifle

Having control over your team’s spawn points and being able to call in air support to divert the attention of your enemies’ make the Tactician badge somewhat of an exotic character.  The Tactician has a great influence over the outcome of a battle.

A Tactician must always be focused on recognizing and getting to areas of the map that are critical to their team’s success in the current mission.  Upon doing so, a good Tactician will avoid tossing a spawn grenade anywhere.  Deploy your spawn grenades behind areas of cover or where your teammates can quickly get to cover and stay out of enemy fire.  Although your teammates may view a camera of each spawn point and it is arguably their fault if they choose to spawn through poor locations, a Tactician should be a team player and provide them with something useful.   Each team is limited to two spawn grenades and two active air support beacons at a time, so don’t waste them.  When you throw out a beacon it will summon a flying sentry bot for air support, which will patrol a small radius around the beacon.  Flying sentry bots have weak armor and don’t do very much damage, so by themselves they don’t pose much of a threat to enemies.  They are intended to distract your enemies and cause them to be more vulnerable.  They can also be very difficult to master, but do so and you may even find yourself with an additional half-dozen kills or so in a typical Warzone match.  You cannot summon air support inside a building, so place your beacons just outside of doorways or other high traffic passageways where you or your teammates can secure the ground underneath.  The combat on the ground will either weaken your enemies for your bot to get the kill, or your bot will serve its intended purpose and create a distraction that your teammates can take advantage of.  Sentry air bots can also detect cloaked and disguised enemies.

Body Count: Place your spawn grenades and beacons in areas just outside of the enemy base, out of reach of their sentry turrets, or in areas where your team is struggling to keep their ground.

Search and Destroy: This is probably where the Tactician is most useful and it’s a pretty obvious strategy.  If attacking, place a spawn grenade as close to the objective as you safely can and toss out an air support beacon nearby if one is available.  If defending, place a spawn grenade in a position where your teammates can intercept enemies coming to destroy the objective.  Place a beacon as close to your objectives as you can.

Capture and Hold:  Players can spawn on friendly zones during Capture and Hold, so avoid wasting spawn grenades by placing them in friendly zones unless that zone is about to be captured.  Instead, place them in enemy zones so your team is nearly guaranteed to capture that objective, or between two zones so your teammates can quickly provide support to either one as needed.

Search and Retrieve:  Place spawn grenades and beacons near the beacon, or in position to protect friendly carriers or intercept enemy carriers.

Assassination:  If attacking, place spawn grenades and beacons in the target zone and try to close in.  If defending, try to block any passageways to the target with spawn grenades and place your beacons either directly above them, or near the target.  By placing beacons near the target, your air support will help your teammates find from where enemies are coming as they get close.

Tactician/Health Pack:  Place some health packs around your spawn grenades to protect your teammates when enemies are near.

Tactician/Repair:  Use your spawn grenades as you normally would, but repair any nearby turrets, mounted guns or ammo boxes that could benefit your teammates.

Tactician/Boost:  This is a popular combination in Killzone 2.  It allows a Tactician to quickly get in position to place spawn grenades.  It also enables them to Boost through enemy lines, deploy a spawn grenade, and give their team a quick advantage of attacking from both sides.

Tactician/C4 Explosives:  Place C4 a safe distance from your spawn grenades and detonate if enemies encounter.  You could also choose to put a spawn grenade in either an offensive or defensive position during a mission, and place C4 in the opposing position.  Set up near where the C4 and detonate whenever necessary.  This is effective during missions such as Search and Retrieve or Capture and Hold.

Tactician/Spot and Mark:  Use spot and mark when you place a spawn grenade so your teammates are immediately aware of you enemies positions upon spawning.

  The Tactician’s air support can detect a Scout’s position and force them to move.  Once fired upon, your teammates will also be aware of the Scout’s position.

Saboteur:  Although the Saboteur is a disadvantage to the Engineer’s sentry turrets because of their powerful weapons, it is much more difficult for them to fire upon a moving target in the air without giving up their disguise.  Air support may force a Saboteur to take an alternative route to avoid being fired upon and thus discovered.

  It’s never safe to have someone with a rocket launcher camping near your spawn grenades and blowing up a couple of your teammates with each shot.  Assault badges can force your teammates to choose another spawn location and thus your spawn grenades will be worthless.

Engineer:  The Engineer’s sentry turrets are bad news for the Tacticians air support.  Turrets fire missiles at sentry air bots, which don’t have many defenses.  Not to mention that enemy turrets are an annoyance to have overlooking your spawn grenades.

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  1. Great overview of the Tactician, the spawn grenades are definitely great for placing outside enemy doors, passage ways etc… the Tactician is a great due to the well rounded abilities for both scouting and killing.

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