Killzone 2 multiplayer Strategy: Saboteur

Combining more intensity than anyone could hope for in an FPS with three releases of DLC in less than six months of being on the market has resulted in a unique multiplayer experience provided by Killzone 2, which has been unmatched by any other Playstation 3 title and thus it still remains a popular choice among fans of the genre.

Up to seven badges, or classes, can be unlocked.  Each badge contains a primary ability that when mastered and used correctly, can swing the momentum of a battle.  Ribbons and medals can be earned to unlock secondary abilities for each badge, and players can even customize their badges by pairing them with different secondary abilities.  Still today many players are unfamiliar with how to use most load outs in a way that will be most beneficial to their team.  Every few days I will dissect each badge by discussing strategies, as well as the badge’s advantages and disadvantages.

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Rank unlocked: Colonel (2300 experience points needed)
Primary ability: Disguise
Secondary ability: C4 Explosives
Medal to unlock ability: Disguise Specialist
Medal to combine ability: C4 Specialist
Weapons: STA11 SMG

The Saboteur is an interesting badge, giving players the ability to disguise themselves as an opposing team member and sneak behind enemy lines.  Their powerful SMG and devastating C4 make them very disruptive.

Although deadly, the Saboteur is more of a finesse badge.  When you activate your disguise you will appear as a member of the opposing faction, and the name other players see above your head will change to a player of the opposing team.  Your teammates, however, will not see your disguise.  It will remain intact until you take or deal damage to an enemy or teammate, including bots.  After this you will have to wait for the ability to recharge.  When an enemy has you in their sights then they will also be able to briefly see through your disguise, so it is important to catch them off guard.  It can be difficult to adjust to the pace of the game as a Saboteur, especially if you are expecting to have free reign on your enemies with the SMG just because you’re wearing a disguise.  Generally you will work alone.  Traveling in groups with other teammates that aren’t disguised will blow your cover, so avoid spawning at your squad leader or through spawn grenades in areas experiencing a lot of traffic.  Also try to avoid long range engagements, it’s best to wait for a “sure thing” as a Saboteur.  Preemptively placing your C4 in small passageways, picking off the nearest member in a cluster of enemies and then retreating through where you placed your C4 can devastate your opponent should they have taken your lure.  Recording simultaneous kills will distract the enemy faction from their objective, which is the Saboteur’s specialty. 

Body Count: Use the tactics discussed above with an emphasis on luring your enemies into a trap.  If you have not yet unlocked the C4 ability, then a different badge may be more effective during this mission.  Engaging in head-on or long range combat during Body Count will often just result in two teams trading kills, and the point to using any badge is to give your team an advantage.

Search and Destroy: Attacking as a Saboteur in Search and Destroy takes a great amount of skill with the badge.  If you manage to go undetected by enemy players and turrets, quickly observe where they are positioned.  If they are in a tight formation around the objective then drop some C4 nearby.  Taking out just a couple of enemies in this situation will make them vulnerable when your entire team is attacking.  If they are scattered then drop C4 in the passageways the enemy would take to get to their objective and find a good place to camp.  If your other teammates are pressuring the objective at this point, then this tactic will work nicely.  You can take out enemies rushing to disable explosives and allow your team a greater opportunity to secure the area.  If you are defending, simply place C4 in the enemy path.  Find a nearby spot to attack from after detonation.

Capture and Hold:  Another difficult mission for the Saboteur.  Capturing areas will usually require you to be out in the open in a lot of traffic.  Even if you’re trying to capture an area alone, it probably won’t take nearby enemies long to figure out your disguise when they can see on the mission status indicator that one of their areas is being captured.  However, your C4 can be a great defense for friendly areas.

Search and Retrieve:  Similar to Capture and Hold, donning a disguise in Search and Retrieve won’t help you much if you intend on being the propaganda carrier.  You can help your team quite a bit more, though.  Try to hover nearby your team’s drop off location.  Place some C4 in areas you think enemies would travel through when trying to close in on the carrier, and wait.  Many times a carrier is killed near If attacking then boost your way through the enemy’s defense and try to make as much of a disruption as you can with your explosions.  Should you miss the target, your teammates will likely have been able to rush in right behind you.  If defending the drop off location, so be patient because it could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Assassination:  If attacking, use tactics similar to those if you were attacking in Search and Destroy.  You can be a little more aggressive after you’ve gotten behind enemy lines because it is much easier to kill one person than to plant and defend two explosives.  However, don’t go on a complete kamikaze mission unless you are sure to get the kill.  In typical Warzone you don’t have much time to assassinate the targe, so having to re-spawn and use the Saboteur’s strategy again is a critical waste of time.

Saboteur/Health Pack:  Instead of being able to lure a group of enemies into your C4, you can drop healthpacks near your area and camp.  Make sure your kills won’t draw too much attention and activate your disguise as often as possible.

Saboteur/Repair:  Since repairing your team’s turrets will easily blow your cover, this combination is useless.  Avoid it.

Saboteur/Air Support:  You can divert enemy attention away from you by deploying a beacon, just don’t let any of them see you doing it.

Saboteur/Boost:  If you encounter a group of enemies that you aren’t likely to overcome, you can use Boost to retreat after picking someone off.

Saboteur/Spot and Mark:  Since you will often be deep into enemy territory, use spot and mark to help your teammates identify enemy positions as they push into the territory.

  Even though an Engineer’s turrets can detect you under disguise, their targeting is slow and a Saboteur’s machine gun is powerful.  It’s not usually a good idea to blow your cover on a sentry turret, but it’s not difficult for a Saboteur to just run past them either.

  The Tactician’s Air Support is a menace to the Saboteur.  These bots can easily blow your cover if you get too close, and trying to attack them will usually result in you only dealing slight damage, drawing a lot of attention to yourself, and losing your disguise.

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