Killzone 2 multiplayer Strategy: Assault

Combining more intensity than anyone could hope for in an FPS with three releases of DLC in less than six months of being on the market has resulted in a unique multiplayer experience provided by Killzone 2, which has been unmatched by any other Playstation 3 title and thus it still remains a popular choice among fans of the genre.
Up to seven badges, or classes, can be unlocked.  Each badge contains a primary ability that when mastered and used correctly, can swing the momentum of a battle.  Ribbons and medals can be earned to unlock secondary abilities for each badge, and players can even customize their badges by pairing them with different secondary abilities.  Still today many players are unfamiliar with how to use most load outs in a way that will be most beneficial to their team.  Every few days I will dissect each badge by discussing strategies, as well as the badge’s advantages and disadvantages.

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Rank unlocked: Lieutenant-Colonel (1850 experience points needed)
Primary ability: Armor
Secondary ability: Boost
Medal to unlock ability: n/a
Medal to combine ability: Front Runner
Weapons: M327 Grenade Launcher, VC9 Rocket Launcher, M80 Rocket Launcher

As the only badge where a medal is not required to unlock a secondary ability, Assault is pretty straight forward.  Armed with explosives and armor, the Assault badge is a tough on to take down.  The boost ability only makes it a more difficult target to hit.  The Assault badge holds an advantage over many others.

There is nothing fancy about the Assault badge, it’s simply deadly.  Although the Assault badge’s extra armor is very effective against explosives, you don’t want to find yourself in close quarters combat armed with only a grenade or rocket launcher.  A common misuse of the Assault badge is to spawn in a crowded area with just enough time to fire a rocket or grenade before you’re killed and have to respawn again.  Although this may get you a lot of kills, it doesn’t bode well for your other stats or help your team, and it’s just not very interesting.  Something to keep in mind while playing as the Assault badge is that nothing can move an enemy out of an area better than an explosion.  Rather than just firing anywhere, try to funnel enemy players into the areas where your team is the strongest.

Body Count: As always, avoid tight quarters.  Clear any resistance in front of buildings and doorways so your teammates can enter, or take position where you can suppress the enemy’s momentum into your team’s area of the map.  Be sure to take out sentry turrets and air support bots whenever possible.

Search and Destroy: Use a similar approach to Body Count.  If attacking, clear a path for your teammates.  If defending, stay in a path the enemy will most likely travel and force them in a different direction with your explosives.  If the easiest point of access is cut off in Search and Destroy, then strategizing amongst 16 different players becomes much more difficult.

Capture and Hold:  Use your boost to quickly move between areas as needed.  Fire explosives into an enemy-controlled area to give your teammates the opportunity to make a quick capture, or hold your team’s controlled areas by using the same defense tactics discussed earlier.  The armor of the Assault badge allows them to stay alive longer than others, which means they are more like to have time to secure an objective.

Search and Retrieve:  If you are the propaganda carrier then use your boost ability to get to the drop off location.  If you encounter an enemy in close quarters, try to run past them or melee and use your side arm.  Since you have armor and the boost ability, you can usually run past them and take less damage than if you were to fire a rocket or grenade in close quarters.  If another teammate is carrying the propaganda speaker then follow at a distance behind them trying to clear the way, but also in ready position to grab the speaker should your teammate drop it.  If an enemy has the speaker use your boost to catch up to them and use your rocket or grenade launcher aggressively.

Assassination:  If attacking then boost your way through the enemy’s defense and try to make as much of a disruption as you can with your explosions.  Should you miss the target, your teammates will likely have been able to rush in right behind you.  If defending try to remain on the outer edges of the target zone to fend off the enemy team as far away from the target as possible.  If they are penetrating any area then use your boost to rush back towards the target and fire at any enemies you see.  If you are the target then just stay as deep into the zone as you can and fire explosives at enemies you see in the distance, don’t risk blowing yourself up.  Protecting a target that is heavily armored is advantageous to your team.

Assault/Health Pack:  As you would with any other badge using the health pack ability, place them around the areas you are defending.

Assault/Repair:  If you are defending then use the repair ability on turrets when enemies are not near, or when you’re out of ammunition.

Assault/Air Support:  Since you should often find yourself in a defensive position while using the Assault badge, calling in air support is never really a bad idea unless another teammate could use it in a better location.

Assault/C4 Explosives:  Drop C4 near your area and if you run out of ammunition, or have to retreat for any other reason, then you can detonate the C4 and hopefully give yourself and your teammates a better chance of regrouping.

Assault/Spot and Mark:  Use spot and mark to find snipers in window of tall buildings, and then fire a rocket or grenade through the window to take them out.  This is not a very useful combination otherwise.

  Nearby explosions can easily kill downed players, making it impossible for a Medic to revive them.  Additionally, firing a rocket into an entire squad can down multiple players, while a Medic can only revive one at a time.

Engineer:  Explosives are very damaging to sentry turrets.  It is also difficult for a turret to penetrate the armor of the Assault badge.

Tactician:  As with the Engineer, the Tactician’s air support can be taken down easily by a rocket launcher.  Furthermore, camping near an enemy spawn grenade with a rocket or grenade launcher can force them to choose another location.

  Being able to cloak and kill from very long ranges, the Scout can easily line up a headshot against an opposing Assault player for a kill.

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