InFamous Sells 1.2 Million Copies

InFamous, the open-world PS3 adventure game with the electrifying protagonist, has sold a total of 1.2 million copies, according to website Gaming Bits. It’s wonderful to see a game based on a new IP do this well, especially a game that’s this good.

There was talk a while back of a possible sequel, and now with the game passing the one million dollar mark, a sequel is more or less assured. Not too long ago, a voice actor named David Sullivan posted on his Twitter account that he had been casted as Cole in the InFamous sequel in an apparent re-casting. The posting was later removed. Between that and the shocking amount the game has made, a sequel seems like a reality.

InFamous was released back in May of this year to positive reviews, receiving an 86 on Game Rankings and 85 on MetaCritic. The story followed a bike messenger named Cole MacGrath who was caught in a massive explosion and emerged with electricity-based powers. Players could choose to be a hero or a villian, with their choices altering the story and ultimately the ending.

I, of course, chose to be a hero, because I am not a monster. There, I said it. What of it?

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