Final Fantasy XIII Preview

Final Fantasy XIII Preview

Square Enix, developers of the hugely popular Final Fantasy series, released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII at E3 2009. The trailer has fully voiced English dialogue, unlike earlier trailers that were still using the Japanese voice acting with subtitles. It has some potential story spoilers, so those who want to experience the game without knowing much about the story may want to avoid that. Everyone else should enjoy the well made trailer!

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Square Enix, as always, is secretive of the story in their RPGs, so little is known about FFXIII’s plot. However, we do know that the game’s story is based around an oppressive government that is attempting to exile and destroy people it considers a threat. The protagonists of Final Fantasy XIII resist this authoritarian regime in any way they can. The newly released trailer (which you can view above) hints at the various political intrigue and possible betrayals that will complicate the basic story.

Lightning, one of three playable characters in Final Fantasy XIII.

Lightning, one of three playable characters in Final Fantasy XIII.

The three playable characters of Final Fantasy XIII are Lightning, Snow and Snow and Vanille. leads a resistance group of citizens opposed to the autocratic government, while Lightning is an elite operative whose motivations are shrouded in mystery. Little is known about Vanille, and she is usually shown in trailers while captured by the Cocoon soldiers.


Square Enix is famous for elaborate, intricate environments and art design, and the above screenshots show that FFXIII is no exception. Final Fantasy XIII will also have a large number of pre rendered CGI cutscenes, glimpses of which can be seen in the various videos and trailers already released.


Much of the game takes place in a floating world known as “Cocoon”, which is suspended over a land mass known as “Pulse.” The government of Cocoon believes that the residents of Pulse are a threat, and attempts to destroy them throughout the game. In the screenshot above, Lightning talks with a supporting character, Sazh, who fights alongside her against the government. Cocoon can be seen burning in the background as resistance fighters battle the government soldiers.


Final Fantasy XIII has a hybrid real-time and turn based combat system, in which the player controls only one character of his or her party while the AI controls the rest.

Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled to release in North America in early 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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