FF13 Date Confirmed For Japan, Priced At $100

“During the fiancial crisis, Square Enix? Shame on you.”

Square Enix, Developer of the Final Fantasy “saga”, have officially confirmed the release date of their upcoming game, Final Fantasy 13, December 17th. This date has been released just minutes ago at the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party over in Japan. It appears that RPG Site are at the party:

“Yoichi Wada took to the stage minutes ago at the Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party over in Japan and announced that the game would debut on December 17th 2009 for 8800 Yen, roughly 95 US dollars.”

But the price they have announced is WITHOUT tax, if you add tax onto the price, the game comes to exactly $100, or 9250 Yen.

With a price like that, it’s sure to anger many Final Fantasy fans, while the more “hardcore” fans will most probably scoop out the $100. Let’s hope that for Square Enix’s sake that this announcement hasn’t crashed the party.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. Final Fantasy is one of those JRPG’s that actually managed to become very popular outside of Japan(along with Kingdom Hearts). I’ve never been such a fan of the Japanese RPG genre and Final Fantasy, but the game is really popular. btw, the game already has several fansites(this one, and this one and this one).

  2. Why does everything with you always come down to Halo or Modern Warfare? All i did was point out that for an Asian game, it’s quite surprising to have so many open portals while it’s in development.

  3. Forget it. It was just way out of content to mention Modern Warfare like that. The game is popular, but has nothing to do with Final Fantasy. And let’s not compare the number of fansites, since i’m sure that FF has alot more(again – i’m not a Final Fantasy fan).

  4. Japan has different buying habits, so they’ll likely shell out for it. America though, it would be a good few nails in Square’s coffin if they slap a huge tag on it and it sells jack.

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