DOOM 4! More info… in 2010

At the annual id Software press conference, CEO Todd Hollenshead let slip the name of a familiar shooter that almost all gamers hold dear to their hearts. Yes, he murmured DOOM. Even so, he and associates quickly diminished any talk about the impending sequel. But to fulfill a bit of hope he mentioned that the company will give us more information on the topic… in 2010 at the next QuakeCon.

For now, all we can do is wait patiently for a follow up to heart-pounding, action-horror game DOOM 3, but until then we still have id Software’s new project Rage to keep an eye on. Rage is the company’s new first-person shooter that will be released on the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3. As of now the release date is unknown.


For more info check out id Software’s official site here.

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  1. screenshot looks really graphics intensive, I have not played since doom2, I think doom has lost its original “luster” since the original game came out long ago. As you might remember it was the most advanced FPS of its time and I believe most games after that used its engine or similar.

  2. DOOM 2 was the best FPS game of the year when it was launched and in the series DOOM 4 feels a quite promising and the in the picture, the graphics quality is much better. Should see what features are added more from its previous hits.

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