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Visceral Games will be an unfamiliar name to most gamers, as the studio was until recently known as EA Redwood. While their history under the new name may be short, they already have a favorable reputation as creators of the critically acclaimed Dead Space survival horror game. Dead Space made no attempts to conceal its obvious inspiration from Resident Evil 4, and Dante’s Inferno likewise seems to take inspiration from the God of War series.

Dante’s Inferno, as the name implies, is based upon the 14th century epic poem written by the Italian Dante Aligheiri. However, the game is very loosely based on the poem, and shares only the basic story of Dante journeying through the nine circles of Hell. Gamers who want to see a worthy retelling of one of the greatest works of literature in history will have to look elsewhere. On the other hand, Dante’s Inferno looks to deliver a great action experience for those who can’t wait for Diablo III. And in terms of sheer evil, Dante’s Inferno might give the Diablo series a run for its money.

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The basic story of the videogame version of Dante’s Inferno involves the protagonist, Dante, pursuing his love Beatrice into the depths of Hell after she is dragged down by some kind of specter, possibly Death. The game’s story seems to have very little in common with the narrative of the epic poem itself, and seems more like a generic plot for an action game. The latest trailer is narrated by Lucifer, who explains his plans to return to his place of power and destroy all that is good in the universe.

While it doesn’t have much to do with the Divine Comedy, the game does focus on the setting of Hell and it’s nine incarnations, as well as the denizens of Hell. Along with the demons that you’d expect, Hell is populated by a wide variety of historical and mythological figures, from Greco-Roman gods like Charon to Pagan humans such as Pontius Pilate and Aeneas. As in God of War, many of these mythological deities serve as towering bosses. Lucifer’s Hordes serve as the main enemies, consisting of a wide variety of demons, beasts, and damned souls.

The nine circles of Hell, depicted in all of their incomprehensible non-Euclidean horror.
The nine circles of Hell, depicted in all of their incomprehensible non-Euclidean horror.

Visceral Games has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the setting of Hell in Dante’s Inferno, and seek to accurately recreate Dante’s depiction of each of the nine circles. The plot of the game may not be faithful to the poem, but hopefully the setting will be. The gameplay will be similar to anyone who has played God of War titles, as the protagonist slashes his way through demonic hordes with a large extendable scythe, and a magical cross, among other weapons.

Dante’s Inferno may not be a terribly original concept, but then again neither was Dead Space, but it was a very enjoyable experience. Dante’s Inferno is scheduled to release in early 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

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  1. Dante’s Inferno game trailer/cinematics look great. but the gameplay seems more like god of war and less like diablo 3.

  2. Okay looks like something that I could get into. I think the voice overs are a bit dramatic but I guess it sets the mood. I like the concept, who says it has to be just like the poem anyway?

  3. I can imagine this being a cross between God of War and Castlevania. There is no denying that God of War is a hack and slash, but it is also the epitome of hack and slash, coupled with some epic acting and an epic story.

    Dante uses a scythe? Sweet, nobody in games seems to wield a scythe, like ever. And I freaking love scythes.

  4. Yeah, as I said it looks extremely similar to God of War. Kind of like God of War with Diablo’s setting, the demonic theme.

    The game doesn’t have to follow the poem by any means, it certainly doesn’t. There were a couple film adaptations that weren’t like the poem at all either.

  5. I’m excited about Dante’s Inferno. It sounds like something I’d enjoy quite a bit. I don’t mind that it doesn’t follow the tale totally. It only needs to have the essence of it, and it sounds like it does.

  6. The musical theme they have in this trailer sounds pretty good to me, the orchestral stuff that starts about halfway in. If the rest of the soundtrack is that good, that’s a definite bonus.

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