Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 Preview

Treyarch released the second map pack for Call of Duty: World at War June 11th. The new DLC includes three multiplayer maps and one Nazi zombies map. However, calling the cooperative survival mode “Nazi zombies” isn’t strictly accurate anymore, as the enemies in the “Shi No Numa” zombie map are Imperial Japanese undead rather than Nazis. A new enemy can also be seen at the end of the trailer for the new zombie map, one that fans of the Resident Evil series should be quite familiar with.

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The “Shi No Numa” map differs from earlier co-op zombie maps in that it takes place in a large swamp. The previous zombie maps were in small compounds, which limited the mobility of the players. The new swamp area is much larger, which should allow for more strategizing and teamwork by the players. However, it might also make it easier for zombies to surround the team, if they aren’t careful enough. A new weapon was also shown in the trailer, the Wunderwaffen DG-2, a huge weapon that incinerates several zombies per shot with an arc of electricity. Unlike previous Nazi Zombie maps, players will no longer all be American soldiers, but will now be Russian, American, Japanese and German soldiers. The video also revealed several traps, including a spiked mechanical device and a new method of transportation, a zipline trolley that takes players quickly from one area to another.


The multiplayer versus maps included in Map Pack 2 are “Banzai”, “Corrosion” and “Sub Pens”. “Banzai” is a Japanese theatre map taking place around a large bridge set in the jungle. Hidden caves give snipers a good perch, while village huts and waterfalls create other hiding places.


The map “Corrosion” takes place in a dilapidated Soviet train yard. In the vertically oriented map, players should watch for snipers above or below their current position. Destroyed train cars and ruined buildings provide a great deal of cover for ambushes and bouncing betty traps.


The final multiplayer versus map included in Map Pack 2 is “Sub Pens,” a map set in a Japanese Sub Pen, as the name indicates. “Sub Pens” is a very close quarters oriented map, in which there is little space to maneuver. Shotguns and submachine guns will likely dominate the main battles, but longer ranged weapons, as always, have their advantages.


The Map Pack 2 DLC for Call of Duty: World at War is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network. It costs 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and approximately $10 USD on PSN. No date has been announced for a PC version of the Map Pack.

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  1. Awesome game this world at war. I completed the entire game in 2 days at the Veteran mode as i couldnt even get up from my pc for even a minute. Adequate effects and graphics as the makers know where to draw a thin line between realism and fantasy. A must Buy!!!

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