Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 Preview

World War II isn’t quite over yet.  It’s time to grab your gear and head back onto the battlefield for Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3, coming this August to Playstation Network and XBOX Live Arcade.  The recently announced Map Pack 3 will feature three new multiplayer maps:  Battery, Revolution, and Breach.  It will also include Der Riese (meaning The Giant), a new zombie map.


“Battery” is a mid-sized map that places soldiers on an armored island that is based on Fort Drum, which was located on El Fraile Island in the Philippines.  Stay alert; there will be plenty of heavy combat in close quarters.


“Breach” is brings the war back to Berlin.  Intense, fast-paced battles rage throughout the city’s crowded streets surrounding the Brandenburg Gate.


“Revolution” illustrates the cold streets of Russia.  It would be wise to stay low an behind cover if you don’t want to lose your head in this sniper haven.


“Der Riese” continues the story behind the secret Nazi research facility, and provides a few new features to help players survive.  Upgrade your weapons with the Pack-A-Punch machine, or teleport to evade the undead.  This map also includes 10 new Achievements and Trophies.


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  1. Can’t wait for the map pack. The first two had great maps, and the zombie map in each one was much better than the one before it.

    Now that they have zombie hell dogs, what could they possibly add to top that?

  2. I originally had the meaning of Der Riese listed as “Zombie Factory” but it is actually “The Giant”. I’ve corrected it.

    I am excited to see what weapon upgrades are available. Also it sounds like it may be another pretty large level considering there are teleports.

  3. I agree the map packs for world at war keep getting better. Zombies are always fun to kill so looking forward to the new zombie map.

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