Robert Bowling Announces “Lots of Updates in The Works” For Modern Warfare 2

Robert Bowling Announces “Lots of Updates in The Works” For Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward’s community manager, Robert Bowling, has today announced that there will be “lots of updates” coming to the Multiplayer portion of Modern Warfare 2.

The news comes in just days after players started complaining about weird occurrences where they found themselves in matches they never intended joining, and also having infinite ammo. Infinity Ward recently applied a patch to the game hoping to get rid of these problems, but it only fixed half of the issues, with more issues appearing.

The Multiplayer portion of the game is starting to become an “annoyance” to many gamers, with many fans stating that until Infinity Ward fixes the issues, they will stop playing the game.

Here is Robert Bowling’s full announcement made through Twitter:

“Preparing an in depth #MW2 Status Report for players to stay aware of what we’re addressing & how it’s progressing. Lots of updates in works”

For more information regarding the recent exploits in Modern Warfare 2, click here.

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