Borderlands Strategy Guide – Lilith Part 3

Brick may have the big muscles, but he isn’t the only one that can throw down. If you utilize the proper skills, Lilith can become quite the melee powerhouse herself. These are the skills that you should max out: Striking, Spark, Radiance, Venom, Silent Resolve, Hit & Run, Blackout, and Phase Strike. Obviously, you won’t have enough skill points until very late in the game. If you’re having trouble reaching prime melee state, you could always try another build and then re-spec once you’ve accumulated enough points. Then you can give up weapons all together and dish out justice with your hands!

When playing with a team, Phasewalk is key, so be sure to upgrade your ability as much as you possibly can. You’ll want to be snapping in and out of it on a regular basis. Be sure to boost your shield powers and damage resistance as soon as you can by putting points into Diva and Silent Resolve – you’re no good to your team if they have to revive your ass every five minutes.

For an effective multiplayer build, pour points into Spark, Radiance, Hit & Run, Hard to Get, and Blackout. Hard to Get and Blackout will help reduce the cooldown time on your Phasewalk ability and Hit & Run will allow you to use it for longer.

Lilith only has one skill that benefits the entire team and that’s Intuition, which increases the team’s experience bonus and movement speed for a few seconds after you kill an enemy. Once it’s maxed out, your team will receive a 50% bonus to movement speed and 20% bonus to experience. But she can help the team in other ways. The Mind Games skill gives you a chance to daze any opponents that you hit and Phoenix deals fire damage to nearby enemies once you kill someone. Phoenix can also save ammo, as you can hold off on shooting someone who’s burning to death, and ammo conservation can be pretty important in multiplayer.

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