Borderlands Strategy Guide – Lilith Part 2

Lilith can hold her own in single player, but you need to play her differently than other classes. She’s not a brute force character at all. You’ll use a lot of hit and run tactics to survive, as well as take full advantage of elemental attacks and weaknesses. A common strategy is to Phasewalk into a cluster of enemies, Phase Blast, and then hightail it out of there. You’ll need to find a good hiding place and wait for Phasewalk to recharge, and then you can do it all over again.

Here’s an important tip that will save you from dying like an idiot: before you leave Phasewalk, make sure there aren’t any exploding barrels nearby. The last thing you want to do is set them off with a Phase Blast and kill yourself.

How you spend your skill points as the Siren all depends on how you want to play. Her three skill branches are Controller, Elemental, and Assassin. It’s always a good idea to spend some points in the controller category and then you can choose either elemental or assassin, whichever suits your play style more.

Focusing on Diva at first is a must, as it will increase your shield capacity and keep you alive longer. Silent Resolve, which is located in tier 1 of the Assassin branch, is also a good survival skill to have; it increases your resistance to damage upon leaving Phasewalk, a window where you might be vulnerable.

Hit and Run increases your melee damage with in Phasewalk, so if you find yourself using the ability a lot (which you should be), this a good skill to upgrade. Quicksilver increases your fire rate, which is helpful if you’re using a lot of firearms. If you are using a lot of firearms, and not a lot of melee or Phasewalking, continue pouring points into the Assassin branch.

If you prefer using Phasewalk and elemental damage rather than buckets of bullets, Spark will increase your chances of causing elemental effects with the right weapons, while Hard to Get, Radiance, and Phase Strike will all benefit your Phasewalk ability immensely.

Part 3 of the Lilith Borderlands Guide will cover using the Siren as a close quarters Goddess and also as a team player.

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