Borderlands Strategy Guide – Roland Part 1

Roland is a military trained killer that prefers rifles and shotguns. He also makes good use of the Scorpio Turret, which happens to be his action skill. The turret uses protective shields to provide cover while also dishing out hot lead to all enemies that are stupid enough to get in front of it.

The turret stays active for 20 seconds and has a cooldown time of 100 seconds. The shields on the side of the turret provide cover from incoming fire as long as you’re crouching beneath them. It also provides a great distraction and is perfect for flanking maneuvers, as it draws a lot of enemy attention.

While the turret isn’t as useful against airborne enemies and can be flanked in wide open spaces, it can make a huge difference in tight corridors.

The soldier is the perfect starting class. He excels at medium-range combat with his shotgun and assault rifle skills, both of which can be upgraded. He’s also ideal for solo play, as his deployable turret is almost like a partner, and he’ll tell you as much. His skill tree consists of infantry, support, and medic abilities, and while the latter two won’t be as helpful in solo play, there are still benefits to be had from them.

When you first start out, you’re going to want to get your HP and shields up, so you’ll want to pour skill points into defense and fitness. Another great skill to build early on is impact, which will cause your bullets to do more damage, and sentry, which will make your turret more powerful.

From there, quick charge is a good skill to have, as it will make your shields recharge even faster when you kill an enemy. Refire will reduce your turret’s cooldown time with every enemy you shoot, and guided missile, the top skill in the infantry tier, will cause your turret to shoot missiles along with its regular gunfire. Congratulations, your turret is now one mean piece of machinery. This is especially important when you’re playing solo, as it’s just you and your turret out there in the big, bad world of Pandora.

Continuing to increase your turret’s effectiveness, put points into barrage to give it burst fire capability and deploy to further reduce its cooldown time.

In the medic tier, continue to put points into fitness, and aid station and overload can help, too. This tier will probably see the least amount of skill points, at least when playing solo, but if you happen to get to the third rung of talents, grit is a great skill to have.

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