Borderlands Strategy Guide – Roland Part 2

I said in Roland Part 1 that the soldier is the best character for solo play. This is true, but that doesn’t mean he’s some shmuck when it comes to throwing down in multiplayer. If played right, the soldier can hold his own and keep his teammates alive.

The soldier can be repec’d a few different ways for cooperative play, to suit different playing styles. If you’re escorting a new, rather weak player through some tough situations, it’s a good idea to use a build similar to your solo build, or maybe just your exact solo build, so that you can maximize your power. In this scenario, you’ll probably be relying on your turret more so than your actual partner, so you want to make sure your turret is as powerful as it can be.

If you’re working with a good team and you don’t have to stake your life on your turret, it’s a good idea to go either the medic or support routes, as this is the best way to benefit the team. If you go the support route, your teammates will thank you for all the additional ammunition. Stockpile will give your turret the power to generate ammo for all players in its radius. Just make sure you’re holding the weapon that you want resupplied – it won’t do anything for holstered weapons. Once you can reach the supply drop skill, which is the top skill in that tree, then your team will really be set for intense, hardcore battles. The supply drop skill will cause your turret to continually spit out supply pickups to resupply players. Unlike stockpile, these resupply packs will help with more than just the weapon in your hands.

While going the support route will no doubt be good for your team, the medic route is where it’s at. For a quick strategy, max out fitness, aid station, cauterize, revive, and stat to be the ultimate field doctor. Fitness will keep you alive, while aid station, cauterize, revive, and stat will all benefit your team in various ways. Aid station causes your turret to regenerate health to those nearby (similar to stockpile), cauterize causes your bullets to heal your allies, revive gives your turret a chance to revive nearby fallen players, and stat, the top skill in that tier, increases health regeneration for you and nearby enemies every time you kill a foe.

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