Borderlands Strategy Guide – Mordecai Part 2

In the first section of my Mordecai guide, I focused more on the hunter as a sniper, but maybe that isn’t the path that you want to take. Maybe you’re partial to pistols, which the hunter is no stranger to. If you decide to play though the game using your only revolver, here are the skills you should max out: focus, gun crazy, deadly, lethal strike, hair trigger, and relentless. Finally, equip either an assassin or gunslinger class mod and you’ll be ready to take on the world with nothing but your revolver at your side.

Mordecai can’t benefit a team the way Roland does – none of the characters can – but he can still help. Maxing out your swipe skill is sure to put a smile on your teammates’ faces as it increases the amount of loot dropped each time you your Bloodhawk attacks somebody. Putting points into the ransack skill will further increase the amount of loot that comes from killing enemies. One of the biggest problems of playing with friends is the lack of ammunition to go around, but this should help remedy that somewhat.

Next up, be sure to put points into the smirk skill in the sniper tree’s second tier, as it will increase the amount of XP that your team gets whenever you kill someone with a critical hit. Maxing out smirk will give everybody a 15% bonus to EXP. To go along with this, make sure to put points into deadly, as it makes your critical hits stronger.

Those are the only skills that directly benefit your team, but putting points into out for blood and riotous remedy will keep you alive longer and ensure that you’re not using up all of the team’s health items. The best way to help is to not be a burden!

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