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Vending Machines

Vending machines are more important in Borderlands than they are in the real world. I know they can come in handy when you’re hungry or thirsty and everything is closed, but in Borderlands, they do far more than simply satisfy your hunger. They can save your life.

You can purchase an assortment of hardware from vending machines Borderlands, from insta-health vials and med kits to guns and ammunition. Yeah, you aren’t going to see these sort of vending machines in your local mall any time soon.

Items in vending machines tend to be pretty low on the rarity scale, because it would be too easy to acquire rare items if you could just purchase them. Usually, a machine will carry weapons lower than your current level depending on where you’re at in the game. They’re also mighty expensive and sell for a whopping seven times what you would get if you sold them back. Still, you’re not meant to rely on machines. Your arsenal should be full of equipment that you’ve scavenged out in the field, like I discussed in the guide on loot. Weapon machines are there for when you’re incredibly unlucky and need to purchase some firepower to get by.

You’ll use the ammo vending machines more often, especially in multiplayer games where everyone will be fighting over everything. You can also purchase SDUs, or storage deck upgrades, which will increase a weapon’s maximum ammo count. These are pretty expensive and you need to buy one for each weapon type that you want to upgrade, but they’re well worth it.

Then there are Dr. Zed’s medical vending machines where you can purchase med kits, insta-healths, and shields. At some point in the game, the machine will also start sell class mods, and unlike the weapon machines, the class mods sold in the machine can be quite rare.

Each machine has a special “item of the day” that’s available for 15 minutes. These are usually much better quality than the typical items sold.

Selling the loot you don’t want to vending machines is a great way to earn money and there are even a few challenges for selling back stuff, so in the end it could get you extra XP as well. You can also buy back anything you sold during the current game session for the same price you sold if for, making vending machines good for temporary storage.

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