Borderlands Strategy Guide – Runners


You don’t always have to travel Pandora on foot. The world is littered with Catch-A-Ride stations, stations that allow you to – you guessed it – catch a ride! You’ll unlock these stations early on in the game, which will make traveling much, much easier. The stations are marked on the map by steering wheel icons.

Catch-A-Ride stations give you access to runners, which are essentially dune buggies. They’re fast, they’re tough, and they’re armed. Best of all, they’re free. You can only have one runner generated at a time, which means that if you generate a new one, the other will disappear. This is great for when you misplace your vehicle (hey, it happens) and just want to get a new one.

Runners are slightly customizable, allowing you to choose from eight different colors and two different weapons; a machine gun or rocket launcher. The rockets are more powerful but the machine gun is faster. What your shooting at plays a big a part in what you should be using.

When driving by yourself, you have two options for using the turret – locking on or firing it yourself. Hit A on Xbox 360 or X on PS3 to lock-on to the nearest foe and then blast away. Alternatively, you can hit Y or triangle to hop from the driver seat to the gunner seat yourself and manually shoot.

Vehicles are obviously ideal for co-op play, as the passenger can either man the turret or cling to the side of the vehicle and fire their normal weapon. If both players hit Y or triangle, they’ll swap positions.

The runner is also equipped with a front-mounted machine gun that the driver can fire with the right trigger. The gun isn’t very useful, as it only fires in a straight line, and if you have something lined up in its sights, you might as well just run it over, which is much more effective. Running enemies over usually kills them instantly, but the runner will take damage. This is a very, very effective way to take down enemies that would normally eat up a lot of ammunition, but you’ll probably be donating your runner to the cause.

However, running foes over or killing them from a vehicle at all generates less XP than killing them on foot, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to level.

The runner has a shield, just like you do. Unlike you, it has no HP of its own, so once the shield is depleted, the vehicle will explode. Sitting in an exploding runner is not an instant death, but you will wind up with zero shield and 1 HP. If your runner is taking heavy damage, it’s a good idea to abandon it for a short time while its shields recharge.

Finally, your runner is as tough as you are. The higher the level of the player who generates the runner, the higher the runner’s stats will be.

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