Borderlands Guide – Fast Travel and Loot Basics

Fast Travel Network

In another guide, I talked Catch-A-Ride stations and runners as an altervative to traveling everything on foot. There’s actually a third option for getting around Pandora, and this is the quickest option of all: the fast travel network.

You won’t unlock the fast travel network until the second chapter of the game, but once you do, it will be your go-to method of travel. The fast travel network utlizies New-U stations. Not all stations are capable, but those that are will let you teleport to any other fast travel-capable New-U station that you’ve discovered. While it isn’t as fun as speeding around in a runner, it’s much more efficient.

The Basics of Loot

If you’ve heard anything about Borderlands, you’ve probably heard about the game’s loot system. Building on classic’s like the Diablo series, players can find items all around the world to aid them in their quest. You’ll find money, weapons, ammo, and more in places like mailboxes, trash heaps, chests, and of course, the corpse of slain enemies. The loot system is incredibly important to the game and there’s always the chance of finding an extremely powerful weapon or class mod that you’ll end up using for a good portion of the game.

Any object that has a glowing green light about it can be searched. This is important to keep in mind, as not all things are obvious, so watch for the light. Loot is randomly generated, but there are rules in place. You’re not going to find an extremely powerful shotgun hidden in a mailbox, for example. Most everyday objects, like the aforementioned mailbox, will only contain little things like ammo and money. Piles of skag droppings, dumpsters, and lockers will contain higher quality loot, but again, it’s all random.

Chests are where you’re going to find the good stuff, if you hadn’t already guessed. There are three types of chests, all containing different things. Gray chests will contain ammo, and usually lots of it. Long silver chests will contain guns, but they usually aren’t too powerful. Red chests hold the best loot, and that’s where you’ll find the powerful guns. These chests will often be hidden away, so you should always explore your surroundings. You’ll often find good loot in areas you previously thought inaccessible, such as a hard-to-reach rooftop.

Objects containing loot are reset whenever you reload the game, so you can loot the same things over and over again. While you may be exploiting this, the sheer number of weapons available in the game sort of encourage this behavior. You never know when – or if, even – you’re going to find a really powerful weapon, so you might as well increase your chances.

Keep in mind, especially when coming back over and over again for more loot, the loot given will match the level appropriate to that area. So if you level up high and come back to a starting location, you’re not going to find anything good.

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