Borderlands Guide – Enemy Drops, Rare Loot, and Eridian Weapons

Loot From Enemies

In the last installment of this guide, I went over the basics of loot. Loot can be found scattered all over Pandora. You can find cool stuff in chests, lockers, toilets, and even piles of skag poop. Chances are, most of the loot that you get during your journey to the vault will come from enemies that you kill. This stuff usually isn’t as good as what you’ll find in red chests, but you’ll still get guns and other equipment, and you’ll get a lot more of it.

The more players you have in your game, the better the enemy-dropped loot gets. It also becomes more plentiful, by about 25% per extra player. The downside is that you’ll be fighting with your friends over it.

Aside from the randomly generally loot, you’ll also get special items from certain bosses, and this is equipment is usually pretty powerful.

Enemies can also drop rare elemental artifacts, as well as skag pearls and Marcus Bobbleheads, both of which are worth a lot of money.

Rare Loot

There are six different levels of rarity when it comes to the equipment in Borderlands. White is the most common, followed by green, blue, purple, and then orange.

The rarer an item is, the higher quality it is. But due to the random nature of the equipment, a rare gun will not always be better than a common one. Don’t ever equip a weapon simply because it’s rare, also compare the stats and use those as a basis for your weapon.

Eridian Weapons

Eridian weapons are the rarest weapons in the game. They’re strange relics that can discharge energy in a number of ways, like through bolts of lighting or lasers. They don’t require ammo, but they do have to recharge after so many shots.

Eridian weapons are so rare that it’s possible to play through the entire game without ever seeing one. They are sometimes found in red chests or dropped by high level enemies. If you don’t find one on you first playthrough, don’t despair, as your odds of finding one on your second playthrough are greatly increased.

It’s important to note that the color-coded rarity of an Eridian weapon is based on its standing compared to other Eridian weapons. What this means is that even if you have one that’s white, that only means that it’s common among Eridian weapons, but still a rare item in terms of the entire game. Don’t just go throwing white ones away!

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