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Bionic Commando has gone from an arcade game, to the original Nintendo, then to GameBoy, then GameBoy Advance…. and finally, it’s long journey has landed it on PC, PS3, an Xbox 360. Developed by Capcom through the ages, the newest installment was done in collaberation with game developer GRIN. Given such a long history, there was much speculation about the this game, some things lived up to these expectation, and sadly, many did not. Here at Gamer Syndrome we will provide the most comprehensive review of Bionic Commando.

Bionic Commando puts players in command of Nathan Spencer, a falsely accused government operative who was released from prison to help fight off a dire terrorist threat. Joseph Gibson, also known as “Super Joe” from the original Commando series also makes an appearance offering assistance to the player during the course of the game. The plot for the most part is pretty bland, and the terrible voice acting does little to improve upon the matter. Save the world from terrorists, missing wife, not really a whole lot here.


The gameplay is the most unique aspect of the game with the use of the famed bionic arm. The bionic arm is the cornerstone of the game, allowing players to graple the environment and swing around like Spiderman, throw cars and boulders at enemies, and do a bunch of other fun claw-like things. Besides this, players can use an array of weapons to destroy their enemies from the classic pistol and shotgun to the devastating multi-shot rocket launcher.  However, the gameplay is both the strongest, and weakest aspect of Bionic Commando. The implementation of the bionic arm and all the aspects involved with that are fun and interesting, but the conventional gameplay using the weapons is just plain weak. The guns get the job done, but are boring to use, and even the shotgun just seems rather uninteresting and plain.


The environment, while seeming to be open in some cases, is in fact very limited. The game limits movement through the use of “radiation” that will kill a player if you move into it, it’s a step above an invisable barrier, but a small one. While it’s extremely fun to swing around using your bionic arm and toss cars at enemies, it would be even better if the levels allowed more exploration and there were more enemies to fight. Bionic Commando simply needs MORE of everything, more environment, more enemies, more weapons, more challenge. While the gameplay is not terrible and the environments are not that bad and the enemies are not entirely a pushover, the game does not excell in any of this areas either.

Bionic Commando also features a multiplayer option that allows players to fight each other in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. The gameplay in multiplayer is however, the same as the single player, and suffers from the same drawbacks and you can’t even toss cars at each other. Bionic Commando is a game full of promise and equally full of limitations, while it is not the worst game out there, it is definatly not the best, to be blunt it reeks of mediocrity. If you are a fan of the series you will be sure to enjoy the campaign while it lasts and maybe a few bouts of multiplayer, but after that, expect this title to be collecting dust.

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