Bethesda Gets a Kick in the Groin

It seems as if the dispute between Bethesda Softworks and Interplay has ended in a victory in favor of Interplay.  The original dispute began with Bethesda accusing Interplay of unfairly releasing a Trilogy of the original Fallout games, stating that customers would be confused between Fallout 3 and its original titles.  They also sued Interplay for development of a Fallout MMO game that they said Interplay had no right to make.

After this court case though, Interplay has free reign to continue release the Fallout Trilogy pack, and they can continue their development of the Fallout MMO.

We will have to see if Interplay can even begin to live up to the high expectations that fans will have for a Fallout MMO.  It’s hard to imagine anyone continuing with the Fallout franchise other than Bethesda.  Some of us still have our reservations concerning Fallout: New Vegas, which is set to release in June.

What are your thoughts?

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