Premo PS3 Case Mods Of 09

Premo PS3 Case Mods Of 09

Recently I wrote a post about Xbox 360 case mods and now I am doing the same for the PS3. Now the 360 holds a strong fanbase but PS3ers are probably some of the most loyal game enthusiasts out there. Anyways this leads to some pretty good case mods; the volume is much smaller than the 360 but the overall mod quality is just as good.

Here are the top 10 PS3 body mods of 2009:
1.PS3 Vegas Case Modps3-rainbow-six-vegasThis case mod paying tribute to Rainbow Six Vegas and has to be one of the most flashy things I have seen. Honestly whoever owns this PS3 has a true gamer christmas tree; the lighting in this mod is fantastic to put it simple.


What is better than a mod that can tell you the temperature and goes good with a vintage furniture collection

Sword in PS3=Awesomeness

The Alien modification is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Also I am a big fan of horror films and this mod takes the cake for me but I feel it is not for everyone.

Honestly the platinum face is cool but I do not recognize the film or video game it is from.

This Mod is The Shit its representin. Man I was a huge fan of Dragon Age Origins and this mod pays tribute to it.

This Farcry mod looks cool, I don’t know if the PS3 works though.

MGS4 Mod=Good. But I know some people are not fans of this game so that is why it is not topping the charts.

PS3 Laptop is ok but not overly original. It has been done but it still is cool.

Honestly this PS3 grill would have been on the top of my list but since it is hooked up to a car battery I have to issue some kind of concern. Also I do not know if the PS3 in question is operational as a console.

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