Bayonetta – TGS Trailer

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show publisher SEGA and developer Platinum Games had a special surprise in store for us. A brand new Bayonetta trailer. Do i have to say that the trailer looks amazing and will probably bring just about any DMC fan to a state of soul orgasm. Bayonetta is a brand new arcade styled action-adventure from the developers of Devil May Cry 1(which is still renowned as the best DMC ever by tons of fans) and Okami. The trailer shows both CG and in-game footage.

“Bayonetta will blow the doors off the action genre.”
– Hideki Kamiya(Creator of DMC and Okami)

You play as Bayonetta – a bad-ass witch, that has the ability to shapeshift into various forms. Of course, Bayonetta can use a solid arsenal as well. I don’t have to tell you that Bayonetta is the female version of Dante or she took lessons on being cool from him. The gameplay of the game is the good old arcade action focusing on both melee and ranged attacks and awarding users for style.. I’m sure hoping this game gets a pc release, since DMC did very well on PC. For now the game is planned for PS3 and Xbox360 only. One more present – Bayonetta’s ass(click) just to show you how much work the people put in it. [youtube][/youtube]

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