Nintendo Comments on iPhone, PSP Go

It appears that Apple has decided to jump into the gaming business.  After making statements about Sony PSP and Nintendo DS games not being much fun and announcements regarding a handful of video game releases for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it seems pretty official that Apple wants in on the gaming market.  Just like Apple bashed Nintendo and Sony, Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime has also decided to make his opinion known in regards to the competition and stand up for the big N.

Fils-Aime didn’t seem worried to any degree in a recent interview with the Washington Post.  The Nintendo of America CEO addressed Apple’s statements and said that the DS offered something smartphones could not, thanks to the handheld’s dual screens.  He mentioned Scribblenauts, stating that the game was a perfect fit for the DS.  In regards to the library of innovative games for the DS, Fils-Aime said, “All of these experiences are very unique and very different and what you cannot find on their App Store.”

While he stated that he had the utmost respect for the competition, Reggie questioned Sony’s decision to release a handheld which was based exclusively around downloadable games.  He described Sony’s direction for the PSP Go as a “fundamental concept problem.”

So, first Apple bashed Sony and Nintendo.  Now, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime gave his opinion about Apple and Sony.  So, it’s safe to say we may be hearing from Sony sometime in the near future.  And we can’t forget Microsoft, can we?  Well, if these discussions are based solely around handhelds, then we probably can.  With the handheld market growing more than ever and a new competitor on the loose, can we expect to see companies upping their game?  Will things even change?  What does the future of handheld gaming hold for the consumer?

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  1. funny… Apple getting into the game market, how will that work with all the game developers that are already developing games for the iphone and touch? will they simply team up with the major players and have more control of the final game release? or will they actually be developing their own games? I think PSP GO is a great idea… the sony UMD was such a bust no one really used it anyhow.. we all just had our PSP games and movies on the memory stick.

  2. For me, it’s a natural thing. Apple fits the gaming world, and they always have. I’m not at all surprised and I am curious to see what they can bring to gaming. They’ve had some very off-center ideas in the past, so this could be innovation on the horizon.

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