Sony Gives Away Free Comics

Sony Gives Away Free Comics

Technically the Sony comics store for PSP won’t be opening until next month but in the mean time, a selection of free comics will be released to start the ball rolling.

One of the first comics up for grabs is Star Trek: Year Four – The Enterprise Experiment, which you will be able to retrieve by entering the following code into the regular Playstation Store;


There are various other codes for free comics being released over Twitter and the, including some Transformers comics in the mix.

These are limited offers though so, if you want them, you will have to start hunting. The Star Trek comic will be free up until December 16th so presuming that the store will be officially opening around this time would probably be a good guess.

In order to read comics you will need to first download the free comic reader. Everything you need to know, and a few more codes can be found here.


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