Sony Aims for 500 Comics for Comic Store Launch

Sony Aims for 500 Comics for Comic Store Launch

Sony have promised more than 500 comics for the comic store launch for the PSP in mid-December. Here are a few of the confirmed comics and publishers that will be involved from launch:

  • Marvel (Astonishing X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Amazing Spider-Man)
  • 2000AD (Judge Dredd, Durham Red)
  • Disney (Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck)
  • IDW (Astro Boy, Transformers, Star Trek, Wormwood).

A few lesser known publishers have also been confirmed on Sony’s blog.

As previously reported, this new feature is already in beta with a few free comics up for grabs before the launch date. In order to use this comic book feature for the PSP, users will have to download the latest firmware update as well as the “Digital Reader” application which is available now.

The PSP’s screen is very well suited for comic reading and the program offers a very easy system to allow readers to browse through the comic and zoom into certain panels with ease.We’ll just have to wait and see what other comics will be making an appearance.

The Sandman series? V for Vendetta? Maus?

This new feature does indeed have incredible potential.

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