Rumor: UMD’s for PSPgo?

Rumor: UMD’s for PSPgo?

Many gamers were less than impressed by the lack of a UMD drive for the latest PSP model. Although the handheld offers some rather nifty improvements on the 3000 model, avid collectors of PSP titles found themselves with a large collection of games that would be essentially useless, should they choose to upgrade. Sony also offered very little compensation with this issue.

Today an unnamed source told CVG that Logitech were working on an external UMD drive for the PSPgo. Although this would be quite a cumbersome addition, it would be a welcome addition to gamers who are wary of upgrading, not wanting to lose their back catalogue of UMD games.

When CVG contacted Logitech’s UK office about the potential add-on, they responded with;

“We’re not aware of it, so it may be something the US office is working on.”

Sony are yet to issue a response confirming or denying the rumour.

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