PSP Puzzler With Music From Final Fantasy Composer

PSP Puzzler With Music From Final Fantasy Composer

Kurulin Fusion, hits the virtual shelves in the US today, offering a twist on the classic Tetris style formula.

Instead of simply destroying lines of same coloured blocks, pieces need to be molded together, forming huge structures before the pieces are removed from the screen. The bigger the structure the higher the score.

Nobuo Uematsu, composer for the Final Fantasy soundtrack, has taken the lead of the musical direction of the game. The soundtrack offers a 40 minute score of techno style, classical pieces inspired by Bach.

“We’re excited at the opportunity to help MTO USA bring this excellent game to North American players,” says Sheila Boughten, President of Tozai Games, which is handling Kurulin Fusion’s launch in the United States. “We believe that Kurulin Fusion’s remarkable interpretations of Bach’s famous fugues, Goldberg Variations and other classical compositions sets a new standard in game music.”

The game boasts a classic arcade mode, a challenge mode which offers a series of puzzles, score attack which pits you up against the clock and local mulitplayer. With its neon lit, Geometry Wars style graphics and catchy soundtrack, Kurulin Fusion appears to be a welcome addition to the puzzle game genre.

The game is available from the Playstation network for PSP, priced at $4.99.

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