PSP 4000 Advert Was a “Mistake”

PSP 4000 Advert Was a “Mistake”

You may recall an earlier post where it was noted that a peripheral company had marked the PSP-4000 in a list of consoles that were compatible with their gear. A statement has now been issued by the company admitting that it was a mistake.

An advert showcasing some Little Big Planet gear was placed in the UK publication MCV, by the company, Accessories4Technology. At the foot of this advert the PSP-4000 was clearly marked as a compatible system.

Angela Jones, a spokesperson for the company, issued a statement to NegativeGamer where she admitted “it was simply a mistake on our part.” She also added that she had no idea how the error occured and that she has no knowledge of any upcoming PSP releases.

A new PSP sporting a UMD drive has been rumoured for some time. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter recently told Edge:

“I think it is possible and likely that the PSP-4000 will support UMD, and I think that Sony will support whichever formats make it the most money,”

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