PSP 4000 Advert Was a “Mistake”

You may recall an earlier post where it was noted that a peripheral company had marked the PSP-4000 in a list of consoles that were compatible with their gear. A statement has now been issued by the company admitting that it was a mistake.

An advert showcasing some Little Big Planet gear was placed in the UK publication MCV, by the company, Accessories4Technology. At the foot of this advert the PSP-4000 was clearly marked as a compatible system.

Angela Jones, a spokesperson for the company, issued a statement to NegativeGamer where she admitted “it was simply a mistake on our part.” She also added that she had no idea how the error occured and that she has no knowledge of any upcoming PSP releases.

A new PSP sporting a UMD drive has been rumoured for some time. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter recently told Edge:

“I think it is possible and likely that the PSP-4000 will support UMD, and I think that Sony will support whichever formats make it the most money,”

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  1. I agree. Digital content will inevitably take over. However, I think Sony have tried to impliment the move far too early. People just aren’t ready for the move this generation. The already well established base of PSP owners, for the most part, weren’t happy to sacrifice game collections in exchange for a new handheld which essentially offered more of a step sideways than forwards. It’s one of the reasons why the PSPGo has been the subject of under-selling and critical mockery. Sony have backed several products that were technically solid but inevitably failed — betamax, MiniDisk. Blu-ray only “succeeded” because Sony threw a ridiculous amount of capital at the project. I do admire Sony’s tenacity but I think they may have to impliment a UMD system yet again in order to make up for lost sales. Something that uses digital and hard copy software in the same way that the DS was compatible with GBA games.

  2. UMD still sucks, its slow, low capacity, I hate carrying them around and again it cuts the battery life 1/4. I agree PSPGo has been subject to underselling, its sonys bad marketing and planning that’s part to blame there.. so I agree that UMD is probably coming back, but just not in the form its in now.

  3. There’s no doubt UMD sucks bad, but Sony should’ve handled the PSP Go differently. Its high price will keep newcomers from buying it and the fact that UMDs can’t be transferred to it will keep current PSP owners from buying it.

    Part of me hoped the 4000 was real and would be something newcomers and current PSP owners could enjoy, but I really don’t need to be looking into buying a new console right now so perhaps it’s for the best.

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