Locoroco 2 review

Once again the LocoRoco’s are back and this time around it is much more fun and addictive than the previous LocoRoco game. LocoRoco 2 may be another smashing hit for the PSP or consider it to be the best it game to have been made on the handheld portable.

LocoRoco 2 started after the LocoRoco’s successfully repelled the moja in the previous game, bringing back a peaceful-life on their beautiful life on the plantet. However, the Moja’s leader Bonmucho unwilling to accept defeat prepares another counter attack, this time it’s massive and the attack is set on the LocoRoco together with his mother. Bonmucho, armed with a devastating sonic weapon that sucks the living life of all things, the Moja set off once again to wreak havoc on the LocoRoco’s planet.

Gameplay is still unchanged and remains the same than the original. LocoRoco 2 is quite simple and yet addictive in nature. You play as the planet that houses these cute little balls of goo called as LocoRoco as well as the few mui mui inhabitants. As the planet you can control which way around the LocoRoco’s bounce. You control the ground and help the LocoRoco roll or bounce their way across your surface. The Moja’s are the LocoRoco’s mortal enemies and like to eat your LocoRoco unless you fight back by hitting them to make them bounce up and alternatively hit the Moja. The game also has a few mini games that offer gamers fresh new content. One of them would be building up your own LocoRoco house for the Loco’s to have fun and play with.

For the graphics the game is stunningly vibrant and colorful in many ways. The developers have put the environment into a great account that even with the simplest of graphics, it still remains unique from the rest making it outshine from the others. There are also little effects that have been added to the game aside from the old ones. Take for example when your LocoRoco doesn’t make the jump and hits a wall, you can actually see their body cave in to the shape of that wall. The lighting effect of the game completes the entire graphics. It helps set a mood to a point where a dark bad stage feels like it really is creepy and frightening.  And for those happy moments, the light stage feels like its peaceful and fun. Also, another detail that the developers have put effect into the game would be your LocoRocos jumping into the water and splashes through it.

For the sound, the music is the best as ever. LocoRoco 2 cycles music all throughout the game and they also have added a few music tracks that make this game fun to play till the end.  The new music tracks are all great giving you beat and the mood to jump just like the Loco’s.

Overall, LocoRoco2 is a fun game to play with. It is simply one of the best games to have for the PlayStation Portable.

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