Dissidia Final Fantasy: Unlock Codes/Cheats

Password & Unlockable Contents

Miracle Shoe

Enter Communication Mode, here you must choose setting friend card, choose edit message, erase all the object here then type PASS3SU433KA, after that go back to lobby. This will open Behemoth  friend card. Type 33MKERDTA2AK to unlock ‘Aries Recipe’. Now, those will support you to make Miracle Shoe. You can fight with Ghost Cloud of Darkness (level 24) and Ghost Emperor (level 74).

Friend Card Password

Enter multiplayer mode from main menu, choose 2nd option then 3rd option, you will be brought to ‘edit friend card’ screen. Enter these codes to get the friend card:

–          PASS3CH3GC45        : Yuffie

–          AK6ATR7ECD8N       : Aaron

–          MAPE5REPE4T5        : Ahriman

–          LAXBU6GRA4U         : Bash

–          PASS3U433KA : Behemoth

–          P2KET4DTCW6        : Cait Sith

–          CH4D9EN3A3TE3      : Death Machine

–          SF5AUS5WUJ39Y      : Fusuya

–          GU3RK3UG4AMP       : Gilgamesh

–          M8ATK2TCPAYA       : Matoya

–          MR3ZNNGXU72P       : Ming-Wu

–          H4NA53NJRE9 : Ninja

–          8TA9CQQTAC          : Oltoross

–          6C6M6E6G6A6          : Omega

–          RJAGH5UE6NA7        : Ragna

–          6A3K2A538TS          : Red Wing

–          SME4SA39SFAH        : Seifer

–          469J3ELEVENWS       : Shantotto

–          FGR3ET5KKJC : Siegfried

–          A3NASX6UXT7         : Steiner

–          VTS3RAPLVKE3        : Vivi

–          WRKA3KUMKRA       : Wakka

Open Duel Coliseum

Finish the Story Mode

Story Mode

Distant Glory (Hero Mode), Distant Glory (Villain Mode), and Inward Chaos

–          Obtained by finishing Shade Impulse

Shade Impulse

–          Obtained by finishing the game with all hero’s story

Unlock the additional Battle Music

After you beat Chaos, you will get additional Battle Music, but you need a few steps to get more, here it is:

Beat Chaos in Shade Impulse then buy these music for 500PP in ‘ETC menu’:

–          FF I ‘Town Theme’

–          FF II ‘Rebel Army’

–          FF III ‘Crystal Tower’

–          FF IV ‘Red Wings’

–          FF V ‘The Decisive Battle’

–          FF VI ‘Dancing Mad’

–          FF VII ‘Bombing Mission’

–          FF VIII ‘Man With the Machine Gun’

–          FF IX ‘Dark Messenger’

–          FF X ‘Fight With Seymour’

Beat “Distant Glory Hero” and you can buy FF XI ‘Awakening’ for 500PP in ‘ETC menu’

Beat “Distant Glory Villain” and you can buy FF Xii ‘Fight to the death’ for 500PP in ‘ETC menu’

Secret Character

Available at shop and you can purchase it for 500PP:

–          The Emperor Mateus

–          Cloud of Darkness

–          Exdeath

–          Garland

–          Golbez

–          Jecht

–          Kefka

–          Kuja

–          Sephiroth

–          Ultimecia

Finish the story mode, then it will available at shop and you can purchase it for 1000PP

–          Gabranth

–          Shantoto

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