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Recently, Zygor released its official 2.0 version Leveling Guide.  This ushers in a new era of World of Warcraft leveling guides which reach more people in more places.  If you’re part of the WoW horde and you have a hard time with your leveling, perhaps it’s time for you to invest in a leveling guide.  For most, the leveling process is long, tedious, and more trouble than it’s worth.  Zygor’s Leveling Guide takes you through the game step-by-step through every quest all the way up to Level 80.  These guides will help you further your knowledge of the game, showing your how to spend your talent points properly and maximize your character’s potential.

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Along with the brilliant leveling guidance, Zygor’s Guide also offers its buyer with over $100 worth of bonuses if for those who order expeditiously.

• In-Game Dual Talent Build Guides – These show you where to use your talent points for your primary and secondary spec.
• Inscription Profession Leveling Guide – Start making your weight in gold by selling your glyphs to other players when you level your Inscription profession.
• Auctioneer Appraiser Guide – Become a true Horde captain of industry when you master the Auction House.

If Zygor doesn’t float your boat, try Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide.  This top-selling guide offers WoW players leveling guides as well as PVP guides.  If you’re the type of player who desires more gold for your guild, Dugi’s Guide will help you get the monetary boost you crave.

As with Zygor’s brilliant guide, Dugi’s guide features information on how to use the Auction House and gives you a heads up on the best farming posts for your professions.  You’ll be guaranteed thousands of gold pieces for your character and the power to destroy other players in PVP.

If neither one of these guides give you the guidance you’re searching for, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.  You no longer have any excuses for being a subpar WoW player.


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  1. I hate leveling guides. Every time i wonder where to grind/farm, i just open up the game’s forum and there’s always a list of zones/locations along with descriptions. It’s a lot better than paying 100$..

  2. Really? I’m wondering what they put in those guides to make them so “good”. I’ve played many MMO’s and never once needed a guide. Same goes for all the people i’ve seen. Not to mention that this is WoW. The RPG system is much less detailed than most other MMO’s, the PvP system is simple, damage calculation – minimal.. A guide like that will work in a PvP based MMO like Guild Wars.. but WoW..

  3. @Harry he does mention 2 guides in there. Iv never needed a leveling guide for any blizzard games haha.. maybe these ones are for complete n00bs. “Aim your weapon towards the target then click the mouse button as fast as you can to kill the enemy”

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