Top 5 – Most Popular MMORPG’s

If you’re one of those fooled fans who think WoW is the most popular MMO, i suggest you read this. Please… Now let’s get on with the list, people!

5.World Of Warcraft

Approximate players: 12-14 million

Before you start sending angry mails, read the rest of the list. WoW is indeed one of the most popular MMO’s, and probably the most popular in North America and Europe. Anyway, who doesn’t know WoW? Fantasy MMO based on the Warcraft universe developed by Blizzard and released in 2005. WoW is an MMORPG for the more casual oriented gamers.

4.Lineage 2

Approximate players: 19-20 million

Yes, Lineage 2 is more popular than WoW. Lineage 2 is, in fact – my favorite MMO. The game is much more hardcore oriented and is one of the hardest MMORPG’s ever created. The fact is that, from the 20 million players that play the game actively – only 40 have reached the final level – 85. The game is released in Korea in 2003 and ported to America in 2004. The game is developed and published by NCSoft.

3.Ragnarok Online

Approximate players: 25 million

Moving on with the korean grindfests. Ragnarok is a MMORPG, based on a manga series created by Lee Myung-jin. The game was developed and published by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. It was released in Korea on August 31, 2001.

2.Scions Of Fate

Approximate players: 50 million

Yulgang is a Korean MMORPG ported under the name of “Scions Of Fate”. The game is extremely popular in Korea, reaching the outstanding 50 million active players worldwide. The game uses a chibi style, with cute graphics. But don’t let that fool you – the game is aiming for the hardcore players.

1.Maple Story

Approximate players: 92 million

Stop rubbing your eyes. I know it’s hard to believe – but yes, Maple Story has over 92 million players worldwide. The game is a 2d side scrolling MMORPG developed and published by Nexon. The game is really, really child friendly an was obviously aiming for the younger users. Well, it succeeded. Congratulations, Nexon, but don’t expect me to play it.

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